Do you like or dislike ONE CAP maps in ground battles?

I am the one who dont like maps with one cap much. I am calling it slaughterhouse but some of you can love it. And i am curious about it. So do you or not like these?

I actually enjoyed one-cap zone more than three-cap zones, there are times when I wanted to take a break from driving around a lot like a headless chicken when playing a three point cap, risking getting stealth killed, with one cap and you can choose to be in a right spot and watch the objective point, or head to the enemy spawn to deny their reinforcement, my playstyle is not suited for the ones with too many objective points.


I agree with how you’ve laid it out, but the thing I don’t enjoy about the single caps is that resupplying SPAA is almost impossible because of the cap being watched over so closely. The 3 cap games give a bit of flexibility on where you could go for resupply, but it is more dangerous as you’ve described.


It all depends on the map, most of them really aren’t designed for single cap gaming. Unused lanes in maps become rat nests

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Don’t think any sane person likes them.


I think it depends on the map and team comp. Sometimes they can be fun, sometimes they can be one-side nightmares. but they can sometimes be a nice change from the 3 cap versions

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Waste of time, first engagement tends to determine the outcome, it’s almost impossible to dislodge the enemy from a cap if they win the first round, this also has a snowball effect where they get the cap points and the kills so also an SP advantage and CAS comes out in addition to having the defender advantage.

Not to mention half your team is gone after the first game as this is the encouraged playstyle by snail.

Not even 5 minutes into the game.

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I dislike them mostly cause they create very short matches and make it very likely to get the same map again in your next match due to how map rotation works. I dislike them cause you have 3 single cap map versions for each 3 cap map version and so it’s more likely that you get them(when you already dislike them in the first place) compared to 3 cap versions. I dislike them due to the gameplay they create, two teams racing to the middle of the map, the first that caps it usually wins. I dislike them cause Gaijin decided to restrict flanks on several single cap maps creating very narrow maps and even more brainless gameplay.

Single cap maps started to appear more when you had to capture points in certain events, so it always felt like they were a way to nerf pregression by Gaijin, now events are score based, less caps also means shorter matches and less score, worse for current score based events as well as for tasks that require capturing points.

Personally I prefer 3 cap maps, they bring more score, last longer and allow more different tactics.

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I like them, although the matches are relatively shorter due to the single objective and congestion of the area, one team is going to dominate over the other as always, imo the only problem with them is that the cap should take longer and there should be more routes to move to caps (more cover specifically). It would help if the maps were a little spread out, most of the objectives on the single cap maps only have 4 entrance points that can easily be camped from a distance.

I know a lot of people want bigger maps but i think those would get more complaints about the maps we currently have.

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Hate them, quit them when they start most of the time.

A bit too strong i think…or i am insane and not aware… :)

I like them because it is different.
More players will go straight for the cap and you can manoeuvre around and find less opposition and still affect the battle. Not sure if better or worse…but it is different. There is nothing forcing you to go to cap…you can play all game without ever going close to it…and still be useful and even the #1 player.

I don’t like the ones that lock out parts of the map and force you to go into the middle. But even in this case i admit some players may like the “ectic” and “face to face” battle…
As these are rare (for me) i dont care much…

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I like variation more than anything so I am happy as it is. Some people on here just allergic to any sort of challenge.

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