Do you have a preferred era in this game and if so why?

I am looking for people to give their honest opinions on era and history in this game.
Any opinion given will not be argued with by me as it is for you to say what you think about it


Do you have a preferred era in this game? Are you here for Modern or WW2? Do enjoy all eras in the game.

Is era as such even important to you or very important to you?

Do you detect era conflict where maybe on era does not fit another or simply have no issue with that at all?

If you love Modern warfare was having to play through the historical stuff an issue?

Does seeing a modern tank on a WW2 map offend you or playing a WW2 tank on a map from the 80s?

I certainly have my preferred era so nobody needs to come on and accuse me of trying to push an agenda but I am genuinely interested in your opinion here.

So much assumption on here yet we don’t seem to know much about each other and what we do prefer or hate.


it doesn’t disturb me as much as seeing most tank battles take form in urban cities does. like what next new York? Sweden representing old Stockholm grinds my gears since i love Sweden and gaijin making a hated map, made me incredibly sad. why not represent our beautiful nature of forests and farmlands

And to answer the Title i prefer early WW2-Mid coldwar era Stuff, mostly sweden. because im surrounded by Swedish military history, biplanes flying by my city when i was about 7-8 years old. like the Jaktfalken have been the reason as to why i started to love military history, first it was america now i find facination with Sweden because our unique vehicle designs is simply facinating.


Probably cold war era, it’s currently stuck in between facing ww2 and occasionally modern vehicles lol sometimes you get to be the hammer, sometimes you are the nail.

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WW2 will be great, Modern Warfare has too much Russian bias


Exclusively WWII, with individual exceptions I can count on one hand.

As such, Naval is the only mode where I play top-tier.

If I’m understanding the question, the HEAT-FS-vs-armour area of the game has some of the worst compression/imbalance in all of WT, but that’s a “tech” and “gameplay design” issue not a “history” issue (and any time people try to argue the latter, the whole topic devolves into nonsense). But that’s a topic for its own thread.

Literally not in the slightest. I’m here for WWII vehicles, not WWII battles. Could have a Panzer IV fighting a Centurion in a modern day amusement park and I’d be fine with that, more setting/environment variety is always welcome.

I’d love to see (larger versions of) the Air AB maps in Air RB for similar reasons; we desperately need actual terrain to fly and fight around, instead of every map being functionally identical because it’s flat.

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Still getting their shit pushed in big time by Germany tech.

I prefer mid-late WWII and Cold War tanks, and cold war planes.

Early WWII tanks aren’t the funnest, and I rarely play below 5.7 in GRB. For air, I rarely play props at all, it is boring and repetitive.

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WW2 for me.Interested in more modern but not while playing in an old heavy WW2 tank. My frustration comes from my love of the game and what I see as a missed opportunity in making the historical gameply as realistic and historical as the vehicle modeling. I simply want Warthunder to be brilliant in every way.I struggle in mid tiers with late cold war tanks but not sure if that us the game or me.Past experience says its me 😆

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Late WW2 I guess? Though I have to say all eras have their fun and interesting vehicles. I would still play the game if my preferred era got deleted so not too important.

If a vehicle from a different era still fits the meta (Concept 3, PT-76, Swedish low tier) there’s no problem.

If you’re interested in one countries low tier and another countries high tier it definitely is an issue.

Map “age” isn’t important but size/layout definitely is. Driving slow WW2 tanks on big maps sucks and knife fighting with MBTs on city maps does too.

Creating a poll would be a good way for people to voice their opinion without the inconvenience of having to type it.


Nice to have your input ,thank you

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WW2 for aircraft, never really enjoyed jets all that much and 9.3+ gameplay is just sludge, club or be clubbed

Generally modern vehicles for ground, but to be specific; 2nd generation MBTs like the Chieftain/Leopard/T-55/Type 74/88 etc., a little more nuance than the more modern MBTs though not many are in a playable/enjoyable place sadly. The lower power level also makes the 99% CQC fighting slightly less silly but not by much.

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Air: Props

Ground: WW2 mainly, albeit some cold war eras can be enjoyable on the right maps.

Top tier ground is laughably bad and top tier air makes me feel like I have ADHD with games lasting about two to three minutes (being decided by about the two minute mark).


My unpopular opinion is that i like modern stuff even with some of it’s alledged flaws, as they offer a totally different pace on how the game works in general compared to the early WW2 stuff to even the early cold war vehicles.

Nah, not really. I value the change of pace but in the end i still play some rank III/IV games from time to time as it is a different ballgame which can be enjoyable with the right vehicles.

Yeah it was an issue, i was always a fan of jets, from the early ones up to the F-16 and the rest of modern frames, but having to go through props (which i’m not very fond of them) resulted in pain at first, but once you get the hang of them, the grind can be coped way better.

It can be weird and resulting in a chuckle but nothing to be really upset about.

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Having swapped from mostly playing ARB to playing ASB. I definetly have a preference for the higher tiers (more modern eras)

Part of that is practical. The higher tier stuff has SAS damping mode which really helps with my more limited sim set-up. If I had some rudder pedals, then I think lower tier aircraft would be easier to fly.

I also prefer some of the QoL stuff that you get at higher tiers. Like Radars and the advanced cockpit HUDs. One of my favourites at the moment is the Sea Harrier. But I do enjoy others like the Tornado.

Inversely though, I kinda get a bit annoyed at top tier. Because you still have the same AI aircraft we’ve had for ages. Namely F-86s. Shooting down an F-86 in a Gripen just feels… wierd. Same with bombing WW2 era ships.

I have no issue with the lower tiers or the grind through it (except the crappy APDS eras for Britain for example) but I prefer the late cold war era at the moment

I want to get into the Korean era stuff, but the BRs are a bit messy, even with the better ASB matchmaking


I don’t focus on eras cause machines are timeless.
I instead focus on the technologies present in each vehicle personally.

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Hopefully here we have just a little corner here where no opinion is popular or unpopular and people can feel free to say how they feel about this element of the game.
I found your input to be interesting and its nice to hear from a player favoring modern vehicles. I am actually quite surprised by the support for WW2 vehicles ,I was told it was the other way around by a big margin,Still its early days and it’s not a race.Room for us all.


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For me as a german tech tree player it’s WW2.
I am actual playing Rank V and it’s most times pur pain. It takes like 3-5 minutes till my team gets spawncamped, most times if have to play against russian tanks. And because the german tanks on this level are basicly protected with cardboard, the only way not to become canon fodder is to hide behind hill tops. Therefore you are pretty much f**ked everytime you get any kind of urban maps like sweden or crossing the Rhine.

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I presonally enjoy all eras in each game mode, but I would enjoy some decompression to allow technologies to be a bit more relevant. For example, by the time ERA is on vehicles as a whole it is already beyond useless because everything already uses APFSDS instead of HEATFS. It somewhat applies to heavy armor and HEATFS shells in the same way since that technological overlap is so sudden.

Not really Era so much as technological changes. Facing thermals in a tank that cannot access them is pretty awful most of time. I feel similarly about the HEATFS transition as well near the late WW2 and early Cold War transition, but I think it would be better with decompression.

The only things I haven’t enjoyed much is Air 7.0 to around 9.0 because most of the planes are just faster gunfighters and don’t really peak my interest. Props are more satisfying to play and supersonic/afterburning jets are just more interesting. Ground is pretty fine in this regard. Costal is crap because the higher tier costal gets ruined by low tier Bluewater being mixed in, but progression or something maybe? I dunno.

Nope, battlefield isn’t as important to me other than I think that vehicles with LRFs and high speed projectiles with low drop over distance should have larger maps that may every single shot isn’t just a laser. I think larger more open maps would be nice overall so more skilled long range engagements could happen at all levels.

Overall I enjoy each level of technology, but some overlaps are a bit much. I’d like to see some things like HEATFS move away from 7.7 heavies, and APFSDS transition to be a bit more spread out as well. In air, all aspect missiles on horrible strike airframes is a huge problem, but I doubt that will change. Naval is ok, but Costals tech can make early Bluewater tech worthless, see USS Douglas facing 3.0 to 5.0 prop planes. The Bravy is pretty bad with that, but not nearly as bad as the Douglas. The Battleships are mostly older ships, but decimate all other classes of ships even though some are more advanced, and that makes top tier Naval a slow boring slogfest most of the time. Decompression would help this game massively, but I fear it will never happen like it needs to.

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I like everything up to and including cold war.
I would like to see more historical battles for air - with stuff actually happening rather than meaningless convoys - such as the old historical maps.
For tanks I would like to see more maps, preferably historical and preferably with some new feature which identifies it as historical rather than the just the map itself.

More ww2 tanks and aircraft would be great.
I dont mind uptiers for ground battles nor do I have an issue with encountering vehicles that are straight up better, it adds obstacles to overcome.

I like each vehicles little quirks, I find at high tier the little quirks remain I guess, but alot of them are rendered redundant or require little effort to overcome unlike the lower br’s.
For aircraft, I like the slower gameplay, gives you time to assess and come up with a gameplan on how to engage and the kill has to be achieved via gunnery rather than launching missiles.

I would enjoy high tier tanks more if the maps were better.
I dont know what the solution is for aircraft, definitely new bigger maps with many objectives.

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It’s not the biggest gripe but this, a little bit. I usually hang around mid tier and all the modern map aesthetic (like the recent North Holland map) really clashes when I was driving around in, say, a Sherman or Churchill. Or that air map with modern skyscrapers when I’m whizzing about in the Zeroes fighting Corsairs.