Do you also have trouble reading player names and tank names in game?

I have trouble reading player names and tank names hovering over their tank while in game. I attach a few examples, both on low and ultra low graphics. Do you also have this problem? Is it related to graphics quality? Or maybe to resolution? Thank you

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I do and with the Copy paste issues it’s hard to know who is who until you are dead or wasted your last ammo on a friendly.

Names get stacked in close quarters combat and I cant tell an enemy Sherman from my own.

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You can change the HUD colors so its not as dark of colors which makes it easer to read.


I did ,I made mine Bright blue, maybe a little better but still get hit by same tanks as mine. Copy paste madness everybody has the same tank, just a sea of T34s and M4s in smoke and dust close up.

Does nobody at Gaijin ever think about such things before they implement them? Blinded by GE? :)

I use bright green, it shows better plus its what most countries use on their aircraft HUDs IRL.

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In GRB we have a buddy who shows up bright green but I might experiment more all the same. I got killed on the Campania map by a tank the same as mine and it had a blue name over it but the name wasn’t for that tank it was for a tank behind it and behind a building. I watched it as it rolled up and took me out lol .The copy paste and mixed teams of allied and axis really is a pain in the ass.

I have had this trouble - but I’m old and my vision is finally deteriorating to the point I started wearing glasses for VDU and reading yesterday - makes a hell of a difference.

getting your eyes tested is a good idea - even if you’re OK it’s still good to get a baseline measure.


Yeah if you use green and red, the colors are better to tell apart. What I put for squadmate’s is yellow which works pretty good.

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Yes, I changed the friendlish player tags to a more purplely color so it stands out better.

Partly resolution, partly your color choice.

I don’t have any issues.

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Separate glasses for the VDU and reading have been brilliant. I can still tell a Sherman from Panzer without either though. Maybe if Gaijin could throw us a bone?

Try an Urban map in GRB with both sides playing the same tank. I actually kept the film of the calamity but not sure how to get it from Xbox to here.

Never have an issue with it

I didn’t until I did.

And I never have.

Luck the whole game and forum doesn’t revolve around you then isn’t it?

I use these colors [green, blue, red].

With these postFX settings [a feature not available in ULQ so you might not be able to use these with your potato] and read things fine.


Honestly the PostFX settings are what saved me cause I tried every HUD color combination before and they all failed.

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If you want to act like a victim in a non-issue that you yourself can resolve, go ahead.

The fix is changing color preferences until you find what works.
If you get pissy when somebody says it works, then the one place you shouldn’t be is the forums.

No dont start with that shit ,stay on topic

How am I going off topic? We’ve given you guys the exact fix to your non-issue, yet you’re the one person here who goes off and tells people to play “blah blah blah” and act as if there’s an issue present there.

There isn’t. If you fix the problem, there isn’t a problem. Simple as.