Do we risk a ban for using macros?

Hello everyone,

I’d like to create a macro to quickly change the control mode on my jet, but is this subject to a ban?

Thanks everyone o7

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  • d). Use cheats, exploits, automation software, bots, hacks, mods or any unauthorized third party software designed to modify or interfere with the Product or any Gaijin game experience;0
    (is phrobited)

WDYM by that?

I’m not sure if that is what you are trying to do but isn’t there a keybind for that in Controls already?

Check “Toggle control mode” in Controls>Aircraft>Controls mode>Toggle control mode, it allows you to switch between Mouse aim, Simplified controls, Realistic controls and Full-real controls.

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And the best in this is that it takes only 1 keybind ^^"

(I’m using it, for having nice Banking large 10km turns ^^")

He probably means switching between realistic and sim controls using a keybind.

Unfortunately some were using it for getting an advantage in tournaments.

And @Thorien_Kell , @sardinha08 , @Cpt_Bel_V , @Miraz05

Yeah, exactly, but what bothers me is that you have to press the button several times to switch between control modes, which isn’t very ergonomic when you want to move fast in combat.

For example, I wanted it to press three times when I hold down the button, so that I could switch directly to “full control” mode.
And if I press once, I go into “mouse aiming” mode.

But as this is punishable by a ban and I don’t want to run any risk, I’ll avoid it :S

Thank you all for your answers

Here an exemple in a video :
This bro switch control mods verry easy and in like 0.5secs, its insane, i want the same hahah

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Multiple times? Well at best it takes me hal a second to press my key 4 times in order to go back to the mouse mode,… (and 4 times it’s because i put the same key for each Control mode, there might be a solution to directly keybind it to the mode you want)

I do use it daily, and when you’ll be as good as him ^^"

And why not if it’s only keybind setting?

Macroing outside of that is sad,…

Well at best it takes me hal a second to press my key 4 times in order to go back to the mouse mode,…

Yes, I too can do it very quickly, but it’s not very ergonomic, hence my question about macros :P

here might be a solution to directly keybind it to the mode you want

That would clearly be the best solution! But I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find an option like that, unfortunately :S

And why not if it’s only keybind setting?

It will be the better option for sure ! Unfortunately, this option is not available, so you have to go through all the cycles… As far as I know (I hope I’m wrong hahaha)

You can’t have a tournament on equal terms if some turn better than others simply for having a different control mode. For example, console players using a controller use Mouse aim with their controller thumbsticks, not only their movement is affected by a dead zone, sensitivity, non linearity and multipliers, they turn less than those using keys with instant max value as it is default for keyboard users, similar thing happens with those using full real controls against regular keyboard users. I’m not saying it’s cheating or anything like it but why have a tournament with equal planes if the control modes can make the difference?

That’s called using what it’s given to you, … if you can’t do it, or don’t know about it, you’ll loose,…

But you were one of those learning from their mistake.

I wonder what you would think if the advantage was given to the console players over you? Would it still be fair for you? Cause there are enough threads in both this or the old forum and reddit with PC players complaining about Gaijin giving console players aim assist.

Dueling got a major hit when people figured out SB controls in RB gives a massive advantage, it’s not even close. Force rate, profit. Gaijin doesn’t care even when the whole dueling community wants it gone through a toggle when making a custom battle (it can be done).

Lot of people can’t be ass’d to learn a whole new control scheme and use WTRTI to looks at AoA and whatnot to not stall. Sure you can still have fun, but in a tourney with prices, sure as heck all the SB hankies will be there.

There have been many complaints about SB controls in RB, but, Gaijin no care.

Such an easy fix to do, literally a toggle on map creation in custom to lock control mode into MA.

It also killed it in AB.

I don’t use WRTI,… it’s not useful for maneuvers that takes less than 3 seconds,…

I would learn to work my way around it,…

Most players thinking Cobra is useful are going to use it everytime, knowing this you just have to climb, flare and comeback around a guy flying at low speed → this does not require to use a Full control simulator

You’re not going to “learn your way around it” when in a 1v1 duel someone forces a rate fight and uses SB controls while you don’t. He’s simply just going to out turn you in the same plane you have and you’re going to die in a few turns. There’s no ifs and buts about it

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There is no work around when someone out turns you with the press of a key.

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