Do we have a reason why russian missile carriers cant be destroyed by hitting their missile?

Every single atgm carrier in the entire game except for IT-1, Shturm-S, and Khrizantema-S (and weirdly RakJpz 2 (HOT)) can be destroyed by shooting their exposed missiles. Even LOSAT with its inert kinetic missiles can destroy the vehicle and after making a bug report I was informed that this is an intended feature and not a bug. So that brings me back to my question, have we ever had an answer as to why these four specific atgm carriers cannot be killed in this way?

The snail has to rely on unreliable documentation, russia always overate their vehicles performance to scare enemies and give a feeling of superiority to their troops. Its a classic, every country does, I guess russia does a little bit more because no one dares to dispute the reports over there. if I get poisoned after saying this, I donate all my silver lions to minor nations XD