Do we have a Holiday sale for this Christmas and new year?

Do we have a Holiday sale for this Christmas and new year? When it gonna be. Hopefully, its better.


You can use previous years for a clue. Only Gaijin know when will sale take place and what will be in discount.

New year’s sale. (Late December)
2015 - 23rd of December
2016 - 23rd of December
2017 (In-game) / 2017 (Store) - 26th of December / 5th of January
2018 (In-game) / 2018 (Store) - 21st/27th of December
2019 (In-game) / 2019 (Store) - 20th/24th of December
2020 (In-game) / 2020 (Store) - 28th/23rd of December
2021 (In-game) / 2021 (Store) - 22nd/27th of December
2022 (In-game) / 2022 (Store) - 22nd/29th of December


Everything was 50% off last year if I remember correctly. Even the regular tech tree items were 50%SL to purchase so save your SL up if you are thinking of trying a new nation or moving up into a new tier.

Premiums were all 50% off then a couple of days later the packs went down 50%(I think) so if its a pack you are after then save your GE.
That bit can be the gamble. Do you not buy premiums and wait for the packs to go on offer only to find they don’t reduce the pack you wanted. I am sure they put them all down 50% last year though.


Hopefully, this time it will not fall short like last aniv sale. LOL everyone’s expectation vs reality. LOL


I have found the Christmas /New year sales to be pretty good in the past.

i hope console gets the sale too.


We only get the GE discounts, not the pack ones.
On Xbox you might still be able to grab the F4(UK), F4EJkai and A6E on 50% off. I think it ends today.

What I really miss are the winter holiday special game modes that were removed with no explanation two years ago: capture the Xmas tree on Finland and the three Xmas gifts on Stalingrad. That was real festive fun, please bring it back Gaijin !!!

Also no sale for any vehicles that had been add in last two updates.

It is a Christmas sale, so probably around Christmas…or, alternatively, I do not think that calendars refer to the 25th as ‘Holiday’ day

Curious to see what premiums get brought back for GE during Christmas too

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no. not for you.

I hope that the Merkava 2D goes on sale again.

Guys i really really hope for mirage F1C-2000 premium discount, what is my chance? :S

premium accounts for 90 and 365 days are now 50% off but does anyone know until when?

2 or 3 days usually

No 50% off for Golden Eagles.

Ge has never been on sale

It’ll no doubt be somewhere from the 22nd somewhere until around the 27th-28th respectively.

is there gonna be sales in the store ?