Do the forums have a word limit?

Do the forums have a word limit? I have a project I’m working on that is currently at over 27K words the finished product will probably be around 70K words and I really don’t want to split it into parts so I wanted to know if the forums have a word limit on a post.

For something that long, maybe an Abstract on the forums with a PDF or google doc linked for the rest might be best. Would make formatting it easier as well.

Also few are going to sit and read a 70k article without good reason to. So a short post on the forum will get more people engaged

Or a structured first post, with subsequent second posts in quick succession to make it more indepth the further down you go with more structure and formatting.

Don’t worry, there’s a table of contents so people can hop around and read only what they want to.


I might add an abstract, but the thing I’m trying to do is quite hard to make a susinct abstract for.