Do Something about the Bot players Please!

like the topic title suggests gaijin, do something about the bots player users please.


They do constantly

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and it never works, the bots are back within a week


Naval is infested with the bots and my teams usually suck because of it


[TheRealChech] : “Naval is infested with the bots and my teams usually suck because of it”
Are you talking aboit AI or Player using a BOT for farming ?

players using a bot for farming


Oh , sorry i was asking this question for TheRealChech ^^'.

They are not only removing accounts constantly but also working on ways to make botting harder for example disabling the main guns in naval when switching to secondary or AA guns. Also the games economy plays a huge part in reducing the amount of bots but playets who perform worse than bots hinder that a lot. The game will always have bots that’s something you can’t really do anything against but Gaijin does a better job at controlling it than lots of other GameDevs

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Still did a match last week where most of my team and most of their team instantly crashed into the first island they encountered and sat there doing nothing all game.

There are several bots active in Air RB - the larger portion i see daily are symbol name (Chinese ?) players with T-18Bs - they fly always straight to a base and then some of them fly straight, but the majority flies a curve direct to the enemy airfield.

This is extremely annoying to see, as my team is either weakened by one or 2 bots or 2 or 3 of my fighters are going low and chase them - despite i told them that they are bots…


I have never seen them remove accounts with the exception of automated accounts that get created when the bot programmer tests new hacks. I have tracked accounts I have repeatedly caught and reported via replays. I have never seen any evidence that they suffer any consequences.


It’s an issue spread across all modes.

Not sure why Gaijin refuses to deal with them, it’s relatively easy to filter these accounts out - just pick these that have >90% of their games in 1 or 2 vehicles, then watch some of their replies (server-side), see if they use bots (e.g. only go in straight line, have an unusually perfect accuracy, etc), then ban.

1 person should be able to ban a few dozens of them per day.


With the advent of AI, bots are becoming more intelligent. They no longer require to modify the client,
as such, it will be difficult problem to address in general.

There are a lot of video of AI controlled FPS and etc. War Thunder is not alone on the issue.

these tasks mentioned by you are actually very hard to verify. a lot of players have only 1 premium vehicle. So by your logic, they will count as bots. It will not be fast nor accurate.

The most efficient way is to report them via the in game system.

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But that is what they are doing even if it is in low numbers. We already had several ban waves with hundreds of players.

There is reason why the boting is so prelevant in NF. If this is true OLD FORUM POST and the advanced bots are using image recognition programs which are separate from game preventing them would be quite hard.

Best way would be to make NF gamemodes more complex. So the bots are unable to navigate properly and don´t get sufficient points to make them worth it.


Which is why I said “then watch some of their replies

Prove those players are bots and havent just hasd to go do something else and left their game open if they are just going in a straight line. Also the eye test for “unusually perfect accuracy” isnt exactly reliable.

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None of the players publicly banned this year were banned for 24/7 automatic playing as far as I can tell. Everyone on their public leaderboard is currently using a bot script to do 100+ games a day. None have been banned. Not has anyone on anyone’s lists of naval bots they’ve reported.

Most of the bans were for artificial assistance to game play (wallhacking, etc.) it seems.

There’s no evidence of any player report for naval botting ever leading to a ban since the naval botting started 20 months ago. You can’t identify this behavior by a single replay alone, you have to evaluate the player’s entire service record. This is not something other players can or should be trusted with.

This was true a year ago, not so much now. What is true is the problem won’t go away just because we’re not allowed to talk openly about it and see discussions about it locked down. Gaijin should be more honest with their players about this problem with our game.


Huge bulk of Ju288 players are bots, they are easy to tell apart after some time


What is also concerning is the amount in a single game that more folks are reporting. Each one inflates the online count, and with how more often they are appearing… what amount overall is inflating the number of ‘users’ in the game.

How badly would it hurt their bottom line if they removed a vast majority and the player count dipped back under 100k (or any higher achieved number in current state)

There is clearly a issue that affects the gameplay, and at the very least acknowledging, and telling us they are aware and discussing amongst their peers would really help at least some peace of mind for us, as this behavior can drive people away from game modes due to this.

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How about implementing CAPTCHA in the game?

I guess it is much better to fix BOT problems even it is not perfect.