Do Frontline Air Arcade battles randomly end?

Or is it a timer? They seem to be long match types. I consider them points piñatas. I was just abruptly exited from a match that still had tickets, bases, and players on both sides. The post-game screen said points would be tallied after the match. I checked the log, and it doesn’t say I left. It says it concluded. Must have been a timer. Replay length is 25 minutes and 14 seconds.

Its a timer. 25 mins in that mode and ground strike from memory. I think its 20 in domination.

On the map screen in the top left will be a count down timer (i.e. down to 00:00) for the time remaining in the match.

(well, it is in AirRB … been a looooooong time since I’ve played Air Arcade, but I would think it’s the same).

Edit: If it hits 00:00 while there are still players then the team with the most tickets wins.