DMM exclusive decals and titles: Why are they a thing?

As things stand, only the Japanese playerbase have the ability to earn certain decals and titles. This is somewhat understandable as DMM is a the Japanese equivalent of Tencent, however instead of the exclusivity, I think the rest of the player base should be able to participate in the promotions. There’s no reason to lock away decals and titles we’ve never even had a chance to earn.

I’m still peeved that the ‘returnees’ got a full blue camo on the P40 and an M4, for coming back, if they had been gone for 6 months…

Whilst I get nothing because I stuck around.


They are not locked away or exclusive; you can earn them, but you must link your account to DMM.

Is there a Warthunder article or anything on how to do this, what it means to do it i.e. any limitations, etc. ?

There are numerous articles online, and I believe a few YouTubers have discussed how to link your account to DMM. However, I strongly advise you to consider carefully prior to proceeding because there are numerous limitations when linking your account to the DMM, including no access to the player marketplace. So you probably ought to think twice before doing this.

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Lots of Games give you free Stuff when you return after some break in order to guarantee that you now stick around for at least some days / week enjoying the free Stuff you got.

I think the Reward for sticking around here is the daily Login lol. Would be neat if there were some better rewards in it.

I wish we didn’t have to forfeit that right

Thanks for the extra info (and warning!). It’s unfortunate the game company doesn’t provide some official instruction on this. Not just for this topic, but relying on unrelated blogs, forums or youtuber stuff is a minefield of outdated info, unreliable info, joke info, or ulterior motive (coughyoutube likescough)

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I understand the sentiment, but DMM has the fatal flaw of not being able to use the marketplace.

If DMM’s exclusive items are released globally without solving this problem, Japan-based complaints will explode.

Releasing DMM rewards globally should wait until the time when DMM can use the marketplace, my opinion as a JP user.

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Shame there are such restrictions in the first place…

Although I would like some of those decals and skins too, it’s quite ironic to see those that have more exclusivity content talk as if they get less of it in this game. DMM players don’t have access to the Gaijin Market and I’m pretty sure that most if not all would trade the chance of having it for any decal. Same goes for console players.

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Most normal players are going to turn off the visibility of these abominations anyways. 🤷‍♂️