DM63 Incorrect penetration and up to date rounds ~10 years

SO IRL the dm63 has around 700-800mm pen at the 2000m mark why is it that in game its 430mm? Less than that of it’s predecessor, the DM53? Surely the devs understand that DM63 would have never been put into service if it was truly only 430mm of pen vs the DM53 680mm at 2000m value? WHy do the german not have this round on their PL, 2A6, and PSO at the very least? Why don’t we see the M829A3 for the americans yet? The round works on all M1A2 variants. What about the L28A1/A2 rounds For the British that goes on all of their challenger 2 tanks? Where’s that at? What about the french, where’s their OFL F2 and Shard MK1 rounds?

Because the devs think we arent ready for that type of ammo yet as atleast a few of those have anti era tips and would be quite effecient at destroying the competition.

Honestly the armour of Nato MBTs is more of a problem for me as the shells are alright

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Oh man, u got some good ass weed over there don’t you.
Read out the caliber of both DM shells you bozo

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Can you perhaps take a look at DM23 for example, on the Gepard, and on the Leopard 1… Oh, and the Leopard 2. Or PzGr 39 for that matter, it’s everwhere.

I think you are getting confused with the way Germans name their ammunition. A small oversight.

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Gepard doesnt actually fire DM23 (APFSDS)…Both DM23, 53, 63, APFSDS etc are fired from tanks. DM53 and DM63 being used for 120mm.

Gepard fires a sub-caliber F-APDS, they may have the same penetrator designation but they arent the same round.

Ok? The only variant of DM63 we have in the game is the 105 mil one.
Need I explain further why this is a stupid post?

Because when you exercise some common sense the OP is clearly asking for the new 120mm round. He isn’t the first nor will he be the last. The OFL F2 has been requested for years.

We’re mostly commenting on the first part of his post. The “DM63 Incorrect penetration” part of the title.

I mean, this is just a misunderstanding clearly. He is comparing 105mm DM63 (only DM63 we have in game) with 120mm DM63 (which we don’t have in game) and then saying according to WT DM63 is worse than its predecessor DM53, whilst comparing completely different calibers and rounds. The confusion of same names for different projectiles (calibers) is what I wanted to show him with the DM23 example, as they share the same name but are all different. Same goes for DM63, where the 105mm DM63 is based on the M426 for instance, whilst 120mm DM63 is its own thing afaik. So no comparison can be made between the 105mm DM63 and the 120mm DM53, which OP did.

Don’t really have a problem with the second part of the post. I think too that at least the British and French can get a better APFSDS round.

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Dm53 and 63 exist in 120mm rounds. No name calling. Pepega

It should perform like DM53 (not DM53 in the game i can’t call that thing DM53 it lack anti era tip along with L27A1) but you DM63 very hard to detonation (some say immune)

I don’t think any apfsds in game has anti era tip mechanic modeled iirc. I don’t think it would be possible in the current engine requiring a new engine built with current stuff in mind and future things to come in mind.

well yeah time for new engine but it gonna take a lot of time and cost ofc

Yeah so I’m not expecting anti era too mechanic anytime soon but the least they could do is give up to date rounds with their proper penetration stats.

Eh, I mean tandem shaped charges already exist, and ERA effectiveness has variable effectiveness against those, it’s not just a straight up ignore ERA modifier or anything is what I mean. So I feel with some modification, APFSDS rounds can have such a mechanic as well, maybe by modelling the tip as seperate part of the projectile…?

I heard in the past that the anti ERA abilities of DM53 was sorta modelled at some point, maybe it was just on the New Power dev server but I don’t know. But then they removed it. Not sure if it really was the case, just a bug or just some story that was spread around.

Besides 105mm DM63 there is also 20mm DM63 which also has wrong penetration

105mm M426 used by the Vietnamese army in their T55s (upgraded by Israel) in an armor test. The plate appears to be about 30cm (300mm) and has an inclination of 65°.

Taiwanese 105mm DM63 copy TC84 can apparently penetrate 450mm RHA at 2,000m

Considering that gaijin no longer uses irl sources for round pen, none of this really matters. They stopped using irl stuff because round pen was changing often due to different tests saying different things.

*unless it’s Russian

All tank rounds use the same forumla but okay