Distribute players with top BR vehicles evenly between teams already

Why is this not a thing yet? I’ve just had a “plaesure” of playing another fun and interactive game where we had 1 (one) player with top BR vehicle in our team and we had to face the enemy team consisting mostly of top BR lineups. I think I don’t have to mention that we got fisted within first 5 minutes of the game.

I know it’s gonna affect the queue time, but I’d rather wait longer than experience another unbalanced game, with reduced outcome impact to absolute minimum.

It’s not possible. You may have had one player spawn in the highest BR tank of the match, but someone else on your team might have had another idea and did not want to spawn in their highes BR tank or maybe the highest BR vehicle was a plane.

For example: if I play 6.7, I usually do not spawn the Tiger II 10.5 on small maps. From the view of another player this might look like my highest BR tank is a 6.3 not a 6.7.

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4 players on your team had vehicles that were top BR for the match, just chose not to use them.
Welcome to ground RB.

It gets even worse when the top BRs in your team are all heli rushers that leave after being killed in their heli.
Have seen plenty people with premium helis that have nothing more than lower tier in ground TT, so allowing them to queue for a high(er) tier match is simply ridiculous.