Display Horsepower per ton in vehicle stat card

HP/t is much better for judging the mobility of a vehicle than the raw stats. Having to go to the wiki to view this information quickly is annoying.


agree, can visually assess the driving experience

Very good suggestion. It should also show in the modifications tab, for example, how many hp/t is gained after researching engines or how many is lost after installing some module that increase weight.

Make a suggestion

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I did yesterday.

Then why did you make another thread?

Because the suggestion has disappeared.

Was it an actual suggestion or just another thread?

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The idea is simplistic I don’t know what would define something as an “actual suggestion” versus “just another thread”. If you believe you know what that would be I welcome you to create a suggestion thread with the idea.

I have a strong feeling you did not make an actual suggestion seeing that you’re trying to push in onto others.

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honestly. info like 0-20km/h , 0-50km/h , 0-70km/h would be even more useful because HP/t doesn’t really tell you anything about the acceleration or gearing.

I don’t think War Thunder models gearing well enough for that to be a major effect but I could be wrong.

oh it does. i compared the CV9040C and the 2S38 driving backwards and they have almost the same acceleration 0-23km/h but then the CV9040 acceleration slows down A LOT and it takes almost the same amount of time to get 23-35km/h
but the HP/t is well in favour of the 2S38