More Intuitive Up/Downtier Indicators

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There are several ways to recognize if you are uptiered or downtiered in a given match, ranging from looking at the Spawn Points cost of your vehicles, knowing the BR of your allies’ or enemies’ vehicles and compare it to your own, or (on the boundary between WW2 to Cold War ground forces) the presence of the nuclear option.
Needless to say, however, these aren’t very intuitive. Not only does the spawn cost vary per class, but you might not have a complete lineup across a specific BR (which is the case for minor nations) so their spawn points would be all over the place, further skewing the numbers. Knowing the BR range of the vehicles you encounter would demand that you be extremely experienced with the game and keep up to date with (and memorize) every BR adjustment that happened over the months. And it’s useless to rely on the nuclear option since it only applies to just one BR bracket.

(Version 2.0, thanks to correction by FlipAllTheTables!)
As a solution to this, symbols could be placed next to the map name/game mode that appears in the top left corner when you open up the leaderboards. For my purpose, I’d use chevrons and give the example of having your BR (that is, the highest level BR in your lineup) at 5.0. At a full downtier (4.0-5.0), you will receive two green (or whatever color, it doesn’t matter) chevrons pointing down. Moving up from that, you have 4.3-5.3 which is a mild uptier, but you will also possibly face enemies below you from 4.3 and 4.7, so this will be symbolized by a single green chevron. The dynamic flips the next bracket up 4.7-5.7, with you possibly encountering 5.3 and 5.7 and this will be represented by a single red chevron pointing up. Which leads to a full uptier of 5.0-6.0, represented by double red chevrons.

Feedbacks and alternate ideas on how to communicate this is welcome!


There’s a bit of a missunderstanding here.

A -0.7 BR downtier is actually the same as a +0.3 BR uptier. You can’t have just a -0.7 BR Downtier or just a +0.3 BR Uptier. The same applies to a -0.3 BR downtier and a +0.7 BR uptier.

For the sake of making this more understandable, let’s say you’re using a 5.0 vehicle, and you get a match that ranges from 4.3 to 5.3. That is both a -0.7 BR downtier and a +0.3 BR uptier.

Edit: At the same time, there ends up being no such thing as “At BR”. A -1.0 BR downtier means that the maximum BR in that match is your own, and a +1.0 BR uptier means the minimum BR is your own.


I like the idea, but instead of saying “+/- X BR” it should instead indicate the BR bracket like so:

Realistic Battles, [Conquest #4] Battle of Hurtgen Forest [BR 4.7-5.7] or [BR 8.3-9.3] etc. etc.


Huh, yeah, you are right. For some reason that never occurred to me. Yeah, the idea will require quite a rethinking and I’d rework the graphic accordingly. Thanks for the input!

Yeah, I’ve also considered that! Although I thought a more at-a-glance solution would be more user friendly than having to cross reference your lineup to be sure.

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The issue with this sort of display, is that people will decide, based on the numbers, that it won’t be worth respawning.

(Not that it doesn’t happen already, but it’ll make it more pronounced as people will see from the outset that they are upteired, and will literally play passively, or just outright quit.)

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Yeah, but as you said, it already happens…I don’t know if the result of these downers should take the intuitiveness away from the rest of the community though.

But if it’s shown more, and they feel reinforced by the indicator, they will do it more…

Not to mention, if they’re shown it, and they have the issue, they’ll then start doing it because that’s what they’ll attribute the failure to be from.

Ppl usualy know if they are uptiered, and i have’t seen them not spawning because of that. If it isn’t your first lets say 30 realistic battles, you are aware of the fact that vehicles cost less, when facing harder enemies and like i said, i never noticed anyone leave right away because of that

This is an interesting idea! I think that those little chevrons would be quite nice on the scoreboards to show the highest BR of each player’s lineup. I’m sure many relate to the experience of having a team that seems all max uptiered against a team that seems all at tier. Would be nice to have a simple way to confirm this, without actually revealing any info on what vehicles the enemy are using.

I’m sure you’ll wonder… Why the hell do some players vote NO to this proposal?.. It’s very useful information!

Because with this information within the current battle it could lead you to quit and this is not fair play at all.

But I think High Frequent Uptiers is a major balance issue, other players think that these are not a problem at all.
With this kind of data will be totally clear the relation between uptiering and your performance.

What about to get this important data in the summary after the battle finished?
At this time, I don’t find any reasonable argument to be against this proposal.



Imho we had a similar suggestion some time ago. I upvoted the old and your version of it, but my feedback is the same:

The main question for me is why the “old” suggestion is despite the overwhelming high number of “yes” votes not already implemented…

Have a good one!

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As a summary: I see displaying the BR range more like a nice support for already experienced players as their experience advantage help them to choose vehicles able to face all potential threats in the BR range. Rookies might get not really an effective added value from it.

Thanks for notifying me that there’s a similar post! It should allow people that stumble upon this post to go vote for the displayed BR range option if they prefer that kind of indicator over chevrons.
That being said, I think picking the right vehicle for a BR range is pretty much key thing all players will have to learn when deciding what vehicles make up your lineup (especially when you play a minor nation whose tech tree often has gaps in BR bracket so you can’t just pick everything in the same BR) and this is a separate learning curve from determining what BR a particular match is taking place in. Say for example, you are playing 6.0 and run across a Tiger H1 which is currently at 5.7. The question would arise whether you were downtiered to 5.7-6.7 range, or did the Tiger player bring their H1 in the lineup amongst 6.0+ lineup? You can probably verify by cross-referencing the other vehicles in the team, but having to remember what BR everything is at through the semi-regular BR changes isn’t something most players wre willing to do. So both of our suggestions would solve this just by displaying the relevant details where anyone can see it.

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I like the idea of chevrons, but I feel a simple maximum BR number would be better. I’m worried that a number could confuse newer players who don’t understand how the matchmaker works, which I believe the chevrons do better at solving. Also adding an info box upon hovering the cursor on the chevron/BR number could help as well.


Yeah, I find displaying the numbers not too intuitive for people new to the game (although you can see the idea with this feature linked above), although the idea that you can hover over the chevron to get more specific details is a great idea!

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Thats a good one too. For example, you are in a BR 5.0 vehicle/line-up. You can see:

  • [Domination] Eastern Europe [BR 4.0-5.0, full downtier]
  • [Domination] Eastern Europe [BR 4.3-5.3, partial downtier]
  • [Domination] Eastern Europe [BR 4.7-5.7, partial uptier]
  • [Domination] Eastern Europe [BR 5.0-6.0, full uptier]

Hovering over the little downtier/uptier symbol will give you the actual BR range