Disperse bases and more airports

The experience of air realistic battles is complete broken with FOX3’s adding. Change of air-rb is necessary.


I think the most important and necessary point is to change the density of base and other AI vehicles, so that players can focus on the other area instead of a small location only


In other words, we need more maps just like the ones in simulator battles, which have more dispersed bases and airports.


Air RB already has the bigger maps, and they’re messing with air spawns which will likely result in multi-airfields for rearming.

The ones in air RB are identical in size to the ones in sim.
In-fact, some sim EC maps are smaller.

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Most of these maps still only put the bases in a small area, which result in the mess situation of air RB. The rest area of map is wasted.
It is true that some maps like Rocky Canyon disperse bases, but only one air spawns still limits the fighting area. What I want is to enlarge this area.


I remember there were discussions about changing maps in the ways I mentioned. It is time to think about them again now.

They really just need to add back RB EC. It was last trialed in 2017 when they put about 5 minutes of effort into the mode and yea back then the game wasn’t ready for it. Today the game is ready. Have an RB EC as a separate mode in the events tab.

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I agree with you, on some maps, like Spain and Afghanistan (the small ones), you take off with the missiles coming towards you.
Unfortunately, it seems like that’s what most COD Thunder players want and the gaijin will continue to do that.

When Gaijin stops copying maps from Google Earth and focuses on creating maps the game will improve.
This new map, Mystery Valley, on the devserver was great, the valleys allowed you to advance with some protection from the fox-3, but in the update they screwed up the map, changed the spawn position, which forces you to expose yourself to continue advancing in towards the enemy, which is horrible when it’s in stock.
Unfortunately, that’s what most COD Thunder players want and the gaijin will continue to do that.


Trust me, “COD thunder” players would love maps with more terrain. They would not want basic flat maps, because those are incredibly boring to play on. I have no idea where you got that idea from.

Blaming everything on “COD thunder” players is misguided and not what you should do. Plus, it’s especially dumb when that type of player would support maps with tons of terrain.