Discussion of the Submarine event and possible balancing

This thread is made to discuss the events balancing and possible implementation of the submarines into the game proper, personally I think they would be fun in naval EC.
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destroying cargo ships should give more points than other players.

ATM cargo ships gives only 60 points while destroying enemy players gives 450 points.

cargo should give 500 points
enemy players should give 300 points


So far after playing both the subs and ships, I will say this, The Tacoma is useless and everything else is super fun

I really like the event, especially as a big submarine fan. Only thing I think would make the event a little better is limiting the teams. The U-boats should only be 4-5 ships, while the defenders should be 7-8.

I think with a little further refinement, submarines could definitely be included in the base game. They would be excellent for naval EC and some of the more open naval RB maps. I would personally love to get behind the helm of a Whiskey-class or an S-class sub. Gaijin please tell us you have some plans to keep on developing subs!


I think the current numbers are fine as is, if a good ship commander is on either side it can change the tide, and with the PBY and the bombs you can just easily remove subs

personally I think they would be fun in naval EC.

No, they would not be fun in naval EC. Imagine having to sail between Britain and France at 10kn only to get instantly murdered by destroyers.

I get that but it is also kinda chill to do that, because in normal naval I doubt it would be that fun imo
Edit: Naval just needs to be overhauled, cause what I have seen of it and played, it just does not match WT to me at least

That’s why Naval EC should have constant convoy objectives that subs could undertake, and only at your own risk do you go after combat ships


I would personally really like the subs to actually get the torpedo gyro steering they had IRL

if I recall during WW2 the common german torpedos only did a single turn and that was it from what I know, I am prob wrong tho

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yeah thats what I mean with gyro steering, not having to turn the entire sub around to aim the torpedo

(also the pattern running torpedos would be somewhat common in the latewar scenario thats apparently represened ingame, with acoustic guided ones already being deployed as well)


Battle of the Atlantic but no RN vessels? The vessels get provided for free so there’s no need to pick a popular nation in order to get participants. Ah well, the USN did take part at least, and we should probably be glad the Germans weren’t replaced by the Russian navy.

An option to use Test Sail would have been useful in order to assign controls. You can’t even access sub controls unless you’re actually in game, so first couple games are throwaway control experiments.

Subs spawn at a ‘nothing’ kind of depth: not periscope depth and not surfaced - and, in finest Gaijin fashion, well within guns range of the destroyers, who instantly see them as they’re not quite submerged. Although every hatch on the sub is under water, the auto cannons are just above water and somehow they are manned and can fire. The subs are instantly pinned down, as the escorts are on top of them within a minute or 2. Escort/defender team auto win almost every time. It is possible to sneak through the oncoming escorts, get a little distance and then risk surfacing away from where the escorts are looking, so you can quickly reach the convoy… but the game ends then because ‘15 minutes’. Only game I saw subs win was likely result of all escorts spawning one side, giving a few subs on the other side the chance to reach the convoy and quite quickly rack up the necessary cargo ship sinkings.

The actual game mechanics for subs, torpedo launching, escort sonar, detection and tracking are not too bad. Not too ‘arcade shooter’ but obviously very simplified - aircraft radar in WT, for example, is considerably more realistic and sonar could have been similar (perhaps eventually it will be, but currently it’s more ‘magic’ than WW2 technology). The mechanics seem reasonably well balanced (unlike the map layout/game design).

Even though this event appears totally stacked against the U-boat team, when it comes to individual ship v sub it’s pretty much a fair fight, with each having their RL advantages re the other to some extent.

Despite the many issues it can be fun whether playing as sub or escort.

‘A load of other points too’ but no time and space for them now.


There already is thread and Stona seems to monitor feedback

ah did not see, manuevering this forum is a hassle so finding a feedback page quickly not that simple at least was not for me clearly

The sheer spam and cycle of this forum makes everything a hassle…

this forum feels like a simple maze but you have a bag on your head and also you are in a potato sack

no there were FAT and LUT torpedos. FAT stands for “Area searching topedo” in english

There is sadly not much but there is a german wikipedia article

PBY is hilariously OP. It’s 4 bombs = 4 dead submarines.

Tacoma - nice to see it has a better sonar and (shockingly short-range) hedgehog, but overall - it sux

Fletcher - easy mode to unlock PBY.

He-111 - useless, lmao. What did you expect when enemy is blistered with AA?

Subs - lol, they can dive after being hit with multiple HE and/or AP shells? Much realism, lmao. Also:

  • No depth setting.
  • no Fat or Lut steering, so I must turn the entire submarine… which oftentimes makes torpedoes needlessly tricky to use.
  • range nerfed TO THE GROUND. The hell they got only 2km range?! IRL they had 5 km range @ 30 knots (55.6 km/h).
  • Minimum arming distance seems miniscule (I guess… 20 meters?) - IRL it was often 250 meters, which would give destroyers a very nice, safe window to engage submarines up close - something they currently lack.
  • G7e isn’t supposed to leave a trace of the bubbles on the surface… but I get it: balancing. Though still it’d be good to have a choice of G7e and G7a without and with tracers to see how they behave in combat.
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Subs are pretty easy to kill … I find the subs hard to play you can’t go unseen, you’re slow, turning slow. The spawns are so close together that you cannot escape and play hide and seek. Until now not so much fun for me.
Maybe I got to learn more.

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Yes, it is best to keep Feedback all in one place, Staff are watching Feedback and the database closely and tweaking things

Yes well… they were highly effective during the War… as mentioned Staff are watching and things can be adjusted