Discussion of Potential Finnish and Swedish ground vehicles

Same reason we don’t have other towed guns. Otherwise things like towed 88s and AT guns could be added and it would make for a relly weird situation. Britain and France also had similar turreted towed automatic AA guns. Anyway, as for the 4501 specifically, my understanding is that even if you were to man it during transport which I doubt was ever done, I don’t think it can rotate the turret due to the hitch being in the way, it was removed when in firing position. Not totally sure though, need to visit the museum where it’s at

Those are mounted with the non-upgraded 23 Itk 61. I’ve only seen pictures of 23 Itk 95 on the Sisu SK 181 as posted above, although it’s probably used on other trucks too. There’s also the ZIL-131 truck with the 23 Itk 61. These portee AA guns are pretty much standard practice in Finland and seems to have been since at least the 1950s when it was being done with the 20 ITK 40 VKT

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Hmm, didn’t consider the hitch potentially blocking the turret. That would in my opinion be the real dealbreaker. The other points you brought up can be argued with, however.

For now I’ll shelve the idea until more info comes forward.

I’ll have extra book sources next week to write the suggestion. Now I’m still trying to think which one. The differences from 61 to 95 seem too big to place them on same BR, thus they would need to be separate vehicle. However developers could be reluctant to model the two separate truck platforms.

From what I read, 95 is preferred for covering more static targets, while 61 still has it’s weight advantage for more mobile work. Of course this might have changed during the last decades. Anyway I’d imagine that’s why we only see 95 on the less crosscountry capable SK-181.

Most likely I’ll write suggestion about SK-150 with 61 and maybe 95 as option if moderators see it as viable.

For crew and ammo loadout I might need to throw dice.

I ended up writing the suggestion about SA-150 with 20 ItK/61 and left 95 out. It will probably take few days before moderators check and approve it.

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There we go!

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why isnt the kv-1b in the finnish subtree to begin with? i dont see why the german tree needs it, considering their 4.0-5.0 BR lineups are already ridiculously strong. finland enthusiasts are lacking heavies and TDs, so even just a kv-1a and stug would be amazing


The KV-1B was a German TT premium long before Finland was added to the Swedish TT, that’s why it was there before to begin with. What I do agree with is that it should now be available in the Swedish/Finnish TT, preferably as a researchable vehicle.


Smin has stated that the KV-1b currently has no plans on being reintroduced but any other finnish vehicles will be given to finland going forward. Check the old forums if you want the full thing or give me a bit later and ill post the screen shot. Regardless it seems gaijin doesnt want to add it and will probably add the 1942 kv-1 which will probably be 4.7 with no lineup but we’ll see.

thats unfortunate, but i understand that they want to not anger the people who already own the german kv-1b. imo it would be smart to have it removed from the german tree but the people who own it already, keep it in the german tree, making it a somewhat rare premium. i think the kv-1b shouldnt be a researchable either because of its premium status in germany, and that it should just go for the same price in the swedish tree, since it wouldnt be fair to the players who bought it, only for it to become a free researchable.

as long as its added to the finnish subtree, im happy, even if its a premium

KV-1A was leaked for Finland though, so at least there’s that

The tiger 2 is a bigger can of worms to leave opened and while yes helps the 6.7 line up until 8.0, its gonna cause more whining from the community than just re-adding the kv-1b. I mean the Merk 3D eventually made its way yo isreal via the Ram prem. Only makes sense that finland should eventually get its tank but i digress. This is a problem gaijin has created and is doubling down on.

Not the kv-1a 1941, the 1942 was leaked, which is the KV-1C with the original 76mm gun/zis 5 gun. So it would probs be 4.7 and have no lineup or you have to uptier it. I domt like when gaijin does crap like that but nothing i can do besides until i see it confirmed ill take it with a grain of salt. All i want is an spaa update man

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Agreed, the Tiger II for sweden will be problematic for the already decreasing uniqueness of TTs in war thunder where everynation is getting C&P vehicles and more rarely actual domestic vehicles. even if they would be worse they would still be better looking at the uniqueness of this game.

Making things worse the actual nation specific unique vehicles are ending up as event vehicles that most players cant afford to grind or purchase

For example the Pbil m/39 is a great vehicle. And i dont get why they havent added the Pbil m/40 to the game as a TT. Among other vehicles in this game this is a increasing pattern and makes me worried for this games health

my 3.7 finland tanks do just fine at 4.7, but this is assuming gaijin wont eradicate my bloodline and uptier me to 5.7 instead

The KV-1A was a late-production KV-1 with a cast turret and the 76-mm ZiS-5. The Finnish didn’t have a KV-1C, they only ever captured the KV-1A, already mentioned, and the KV-1B, the mid-production KV-1.