Discussion of Italian Aircraft and Italian Air TT rework (No Subtrees required)

Aim-9M were not heavily exported, the UK was one of a few nations it was exported too.

Aim-9L/I is a German modification of the Aim-9L with an IRCCM seeker similar to that of the Aim-9M (some reports suggests it was actually a little better than Aim-9M) but the rest of the missile is the same as Aim-9L

So Aim-9L/I in game would probably be a C&P of the Aim-9M seeker but on the Aim-9L body (so smokey trail)

For the Tornado F3 as well, Aim-9L/I I think would be the more historically accurate option for their upgrade as Aim-9Ms had some major compatibility problems with the Tornado F3 due to the modified rails Britain used. Kept breaking the Aim-9Ms.

as for the AMRAAM, its possibe… though they havent followed that same logic with the other Tornados yet, for example PGMs for the British Tornado but not German and Italian versions and I think the Tornado Gr1 is getting BOL soon. So they may not follow that logic with the Tornado ADVs as well.

Edit: Just had another thought, Tornado F3s were upgraded to handle AMRAAM (especially later upgrades with Data-link which you would 100% want otherwise you are basically firing SARHs). I think Italy returned their ADVs and replaced them with F-16s instead of getting that upgrade.

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So here is what i’m going to do for aircraft that are already added

for aircraft that is already implemented, if they are missing external weapon loadouts, i’ll mention them in the tab where it would normally be used to give a brief overview of the aircraft

The folder that You created with Eurofighter is alright, but it should have the normal production eurofighter not the various units that I suggested. Those units were suggested because they had unique features and theyr main role was to be premiums,event or squadron. Now, I will ask to apply the following changes:

Euroighter DA3 13.0

Folder with
Eurofighter Trance 1 13.0
Eurofighter Trance 2 13.3
Eurofighter Trance 3 13.7

You can include the others units like ispa6 and da7 in the premium branch as event/squad or prem
also were is the F35A?
Regarding the Tornados, the base and upgraded should be foldered with the normal and upgraded tornado ids

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I strongly disagree here. this aircraft was never adopted and it was only used by the Italian air force therefore it’s only place is in the Italian tt.

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ATA was never created it was just a project

The F-35A not being in the proposal is a error on my part, both will be added in the TT (the F-35A will be more Air-Superiority focused while the F-35B will be more Multirole/Ground Attack focused)

In the context of the Eurofighters, you are also correct in that the DA’S, IPA’s and ISPA’s are all prototypes/test beds, some will still be in the TT as gap fillers but the rest will all be Premium, Event or Squad vehicles but not immediately for all of them. The Tranche 1, 2 Blk-15, 3 & 3A are also added as TT vehicles, the Tranche-2 Blk-8 is added as a premium

Finally the Tornado IDS (1995) and A-200C won’t be in a folder together however the IDS (1995) and IT ECR will be folder in together now

AMX ATA was never created it was just a project

Do you have any substitutes to replace it like any Italian testbeds of the AMX for example

I suggest adding C.201 as rank 2 premium/event.

This was an attempt at improvement of C.200 by taking it more aerodynamic and smooth. They eliminate hump behind engine, enclosed cockpit. This increased speed(a little) and reduced drag(better energy retention)


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I was looking at any potential weapon loads to expand the existing Italian Bombers and i found this


SM.79 with 2 450kg torpedos


Also, additional bombs for early fighters, CR.32/42’s, G.50’s, C.200’s were after being repleced in frontal use by newer machines used as attack aircraft droping 50kg,100kg and heavier bombs.

Also Sispre C-7 would be much needed addition to early Jets

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I would like to see this more than a subtree, its a shame because Italy really has quite alot of aircraft still to be added

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My beloved…

If this is referring to the 339CB - as in, the one only ever operated by the RNZAF - there’s a very, very short list of stores that were actually able to be used with it, and Sidewinders weren’t on that list (nor was the Magic).

No it is referring to this

Aermacchi kept a couple of the earlier C models for demonstrators and sales pitches for foreign buyers and the Italian Airforce. The only export MB.339 present is the MB.339CE which is a MB.339CD for the Eritrean Airforce.

Update: The G.95 is moved to the “Unfinished prototype” section due to components for the G.95 was built such as the tail and wings, a testbed for it was also built so modeling it is possible

New vehicle:

VAK-191B (located on the “Other Italian Fighters and Attackers” Line): Fiat had some involvement in the development in the VAK-191B alongside VFW, the VAK-191B also incorporated the wings and tail from the cancelled G.95

I am doing researches for suggest the G95 currently, could You provide me some source that states that?

That was an error on my part

I supposed to put that in the VAK.191B section and i corrected that. I did mention that it was originally going to be a G.91Y modified as a VTOL aircraft before it became it’s own thing. Since due to it having a testbed and the G.95 had wooden mockups built for at least the 4th design i’m still keeping it in the Unfinished/Incomplete Prototypes sections since i do allow those kind of aircraft in that tab

There is still a possibility that components for the G.95 were built for a functioning prototype but still yet to find evidence for that

For anybody else who is interested in the G.95 project i’ll post a link to some more info on them and what specifications that let the proposal start in the first place

Due to Gaijin completely ruining the Italian Air TT with an Hungarian subtree exclusively made of pointless copy and paste vehicles of Soviet (and maybe Polish or Czech origin) they will not be represented in the next iteration of the TT

I’ll will probably make a thread in the near future about subtrees and why we need to start scrutinizing them more thoroughly since i sensing that Subtrees are slowly ruining the game in a lot of ways that people are either in denial, aren’t aware of or fail to see the bigger picture. Especially since there is (during the writing of this) unconfirmed rumors that France may get a Benelux Subtree though France like Italy doesn’t need one, arguably France needs subtrees even less than even the Italy.


Hear hear! I see people who wanted to grind Italy just to spam AGM-65Gs, they dont deserve that.

Might I suggest the Reggiane Re.2006 and Macchi C.207? They would be good 6.3 aircraft to match with the G.56 along with giving Italy some more competitive superprops.
The Re.2006 was 99% complete and just needing its engine. The C.207 however I’m unsure of the status of, but it’d leave a bad taste in my mouth to leave it out.