Aermacchi MB-339C (I-AMDA)

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Description: The MB339 was an Italian jet trainer made in the 1970s. It was projected as the replacement for the MB326 by the same person who projected the MB326 itself, Ermano Bazzocchi. The first of the two MB339X prototypes flew for the first time on August 12, 1976, and the second on May 20, 1977. The main user of this aircraft was the Italian Air Force, with a total of over 126 aircraft in service, but it was also exported to other countries in smaller numbers and in different versions as well. The aircraft entered service with the Italian Air Force in 1979, and it is still in service today. This one,serial number I-AMDA, was the first prototype and development aircraft/demostrator of the C version. Like the I-GROW (the only unit in the B version), the I-AMDA was a unique demonstrator with unique features, and it was the first and only C unit since all the other versions after it (CB,CE, CM, and CD) presented several differences compared to this one (differences in weapons, avionics, and systems). Returning to the history of this unit, it was constructed in 1985, and it flew for the first time on December 17 of the same year with the pilot, Riccardo Durione. In the following years, the aircraft was used for testing and the integration of weapons by the Aermacchi. This aircraft was presented at a lot of airshows and used for various flights and demonstrations in various countries all around the world. It’s the last flight with the pilot, Olinto Cecconello. After its last flight, it was stored in the city of Venengono. After some years of storage in the Venengono facility, the aircraft was transferred to the Volandia Museum in the region oflombardy, where it is still visitable today.

Why it should be in the game: This aircraft alongside all the other MB339 family will be to the Italian TT some very good CAS that is currently missing.



Wingspan: 11.220 m
Length: 11.242 m
Height: 3.994 m
Crew: 2
Weight: 3430 kg
Max Take off Weight: 6150 kg
Max kg of Fuel: 1395 kg (1781 liters)
Engine: Rolls-Royce Viper 680-43 with 1979 kg of trusth
Max Speed: 902 km/h
Rate of Climb: 37 m/s (7283 ft/min)
Service Ceiling: 49,200 ft (14,996 m)
Range: 1965 km



2x 30 mm DEFA cannons
2x 12.7 mm Browning machinegun
6x SUU-11 7.62 mm Minigun pod

Unguided bombs:
6x BL775
36x BAP-100 anty runway bombs
6x MK82
6x MK82 Snakeye
4x MK83
6x 118 kg bombs
6x SAMP-250 bombs
6x SAMP-250 re-tarded bombs
6x Matra Belouga
6x BLU-106 Durandal
6x BRF A-330
6x BR-500
24x BL83
6x LU 250 EG-FT
6x SEI low drag bombs
Guided Bombs
4x GBU12
Unguided Rokets
24x TDA 100 mm rokets
6x 68 mm Matra roket launchers
12x 127 mm HVAR Rokets
6x 127 mm Matra roket launchers
24x Zuni mk-32 rokets launcher
6x LR-25 rokets launcher
114x Mighty mouse rokets
72x Medusa 81 mm rokets launchers
24x SNIA BP 122 mm rokets launchers
Air to Groud missile
4x AGM65D maveriks
Anty ships missiles
2x OTO Melara Marte MK2A
Air To Air missiles
2x AIM9L
2x Matra Magic 550
2x AIM9J
ELT-555 jamming pod
6x Macchi 11B29-003 Bomb/Flares dispense


Aermacchi MB-339 - Wikipedia
Aermacchi MB.339C - aereo - meccanica, Aermacchi – Patrimonio scientifico e tecnologico – Lombardia Beni Culturali
Уголок неба ¦ Aermacchi MB-339C









+1 for all the Italian COIN and light attack planes!


+1 italy needs proper CAS

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please yes, is the Owen crippa plane (malvinas veteran)

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