Discussion of a ban in the game

Hello everyone, today I entered the game and saw that my account was blocked, that I was deprived of access rights in the game, I have been playing since 2015, I have not used any third-party software, I don’t know what to do in this situation, tell me what I can do.

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Welcome to the ban wave. You were likely proven to be a cheater, but if you want to dispute, you could probably message a mod or something.

As I wrote in your earlier post, its obvious why you were banned judging from looking at several of your replays.
Gaijin wouldnt ban anyone if they werent sure, good riddance.

my friend there are no mods, just playing for fun

how evil you are for not knowing the truth

Take it up with gaijin, but if they banned you, its extrenely unlikely that you are innocent. Good luck, but you probably wont be getting your account back.

Should teach you to think twice before cheating. Its never worth it.


Judging by the amount of these threads, the new ban wave is happening.


Contact Support, that is what the Game Masters will tell you. They cannot help with these types of bans, sorry . . .

People often undervalue the use of 2-step-authorisation. A well protected account is important to prevent someone can get illegal access to it and get someone into trouble.

Even if that happens, the responsibility for the accounts security lies always with the owner of the account, meaning that if the players don’t protect their accounts, they might have to face the consequences if their accounts are used to perform illegal actions by others…


Gaijin knows the truth and acted, thats all we need to know.

Please read:

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