[Discussion] Balance, Bias, Matchmaking and Battle Ratings

Interesting. Just recently people called me names because I said just this, because apparently this is impossible and I must be * to believe it or be possibls.

Well I believe anyone interested in discussions about the MM knows where I stand. Currently Gaijin is either incapable, or unwilling to properly balance vehicle performance. So we get massive discrepancies in performance between similar vehicles. Where a 7.7 medium/light can be more than 200% weaker than a 8.7 medium/light simply due to “assistance” in form of features like LRF, stab and so on.

The 0.7 braket is way over 1000 ground vehicles old.

And Rank 6 and 7 exist now with rank 6 having much longer queue times than any other Rank in ground, simply because almost every BR in that Rank is compressed ro hell and back and playing it is vortually impossible.

For Rank 7 “variety” of vehicles can not be an argument, even for Rank 6 it is dubious at best.
Firstly, there is not even much variety in reality. The major nations atuck with 1 major model for each typs for decades now with onky experimental stuff to spice things up. Russia is the only outlier with fielding more modern verions of 3 MBTs.

In Ranks 1-5 you have enough variety to ensure that there are plenty of different vehicles in every match, especially considering that almost every vehicle in ground has a later version of itself at a slightly higher BR. And I can not see how having both an SU 85 a d SU85M in the same match adds anything to the “variety of vehicles” as ghey look and play identical. At best it is a “variety of capabilities” as the M is more capable than the normal one, but this is also reflectdd in the BR

And lastly, the “lack of vehicles in higher Ranks” is a choice and was by all, maens avoidable. This was ons of the main arguments against leaving the post Korea, pre Vietnam era. A Lack of proper vehicles for ground. But Air won out so Ground is now to be stuck with worse MM and compression? Gaijin can not flee from their decisions. And them using their decisions as excuses to why sth “can not be done” is despicable. At least stand by your decisions and say “we decided to go this way, knowing that this would happen, but we believe the pros outweigh the cons, even if now some unforseen consequences occured”.



War Thunder vs Reality

Russia and China tanks in War Thunder hit the ammunition depot:

2 seconds later the German Tank

and here comes the Reality


I like reality.
The game is slowly becoming more wishful thinking of all.


War Thunder is the advertised performance of Russian/Chinese vehicles. Not really GJN’s fault that they are not good in real life tbh.


Quite funny how “REALISTIC” they want to make things until it doesn’t suite narrative.
Remember when ‘KIRILL YUDINTSEV’ Made a post GASLIGHTING and insulting the people paying his rent?
They deleted the posts but I saved them in both pictures and copied to word.
Did you all notice that Chinese missiles in WT are the best in the world but have never been tested?
K thanks. I will take your delete and ban now. Like you do to all dissention.

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Well, I don’t think anyone mentioned it because of the Su22UM3LK, Su22M3 and Su22M2 aircraft. Why are they br 10.0 directly? I am currently using them and it is quite significant the difference there is both when bombing and intercepting enemies. not to mention that mostly depending on the Su22 you end up playing in 11.0 in most cases in which you get to the middle of the map and there are no targets to destroy either bases or enemy units or directly you do not get to do activity.

Hey, how on earth is the M-51 6.0? It shoots a 105mm projectile at 800 m/s with 400mm max damage. With the same reload time as the M3 90mm (somehow). Its the same BR as the Sherman with a Pershing turret and the Centurion Mk. 1, while having mid to late 1960s anti tank technology. It’s superseded by the AMX-13 somehow twofold, while being an inarguably viable at knocking out any tank frontally without N/ERA, which only becomes a factor at around 8.7. It is frankly ridiculous and should be at least 6.7.

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Because it was worthless at 6.7 and 6.3


Tell me you’ve never played a tank without telling me you never played a tank


R&D revenue -50%, silver coin revenue+50%, and the time cost of game investment remains the same. Is this the result you want? The newly updated unpacking data indicates that the R&D revenue in the bureau will be reduced again, so I am curious. A few months ago, what was the original intention of everyone’s protest?

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I think anybody can see that the runaway winner in nearly every game is the player who came in a BR above everybody else.I’m watching a load of replays to see how a player gets ten kills for no deaths etc and it’s nearly always the player who came it at 6BR when everybody else was at 5 for example .
They get 10,11,12 kills and the runner up gets 4 or 5.Same when I dominate.Im feeling pleased with myself then see it was only because I came in a BR above everyone else.Im one shotting Crusaders in a Panzer IIIJ and it’s unfair really.I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for the opposition.
I also hate how BR takes me into an era I have no desire to be in.We still need era separation to stop the game becoming a farce otherwise realistic vehicle modelling is irrelevant.All this super realism when 40s tanks are facing 80s vehicle’s and prototypes that never saw a battle.
As the years roll by this is the only real complaint I still have about Warthunder,I have come to accept every other aspect of the game.

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WTF is the point behind this?


The 76 at 5.7 is probably meta but not op

75 mm variant.

I’ve played it, and it absolutely decimates everything.

You have one game with 2 deaths and 0 kills, nice try tho.

+1 / -1 BR in naval is the ultimate joke.
I played about 6 battles in my Pr. Eugen in the last few days, every single time you get 7,0 BBs and 7,0 BCs running around.
You have zero chance, zero, non-at all whatsoever chance against them.
If you are lucky, somebody drives into your torpedos which…well, you must launch first and given, that they immediately focus you with often easily crippling effects in 1 salvo, well hf launch more than 4 or 6.
It’s a joke and i do not know what person is responsible for this, but this is sick.
Whoever finds joy in this ?
It’s the same when i easily kill 4,7 DDs before the up-tier of the pr eugen to 6,0 - it wasn’t fair.
It’s a joke and anyone with a brain knows it.

i honestly do not know, why they do not make it -0,3 / +0,3 BR or they could start with 0,7.
So they argue, there would be a too long waiting time.
How does it improve waiting time when every single battle is +1 -1 BR ?
It does not change the number of players of a certain BR.
You just have to wait the same time only to get shoved into unbalanced MM, the math is not working out.
You would wait almost excactly the same time, if it was only 0,3 or 0,7.