Disable smoke in tank assault mode

The issue is very simple:

1, the bots just ignore the smoke, and shoot through it
2, we on the other hand can NOT see through it
3, since 99% of the players are hardcore germany mains, who do nothing but pop smoke everywhere, it makes the already hard to win mode basically impossible to win.

Maybe let them know the smoke doesn’t affect AI so it’s pointless to use it…

Pretty sure even buildings and bushes dont affect their visibility, they just sometimes try to sjoot right through these.
Talking about bots, not players.


They are wehraboos, they collectively share a single braincell, they are just unable to understand it even if i tell them.

Sounds like you have a prejudice issue… You may want to sort that out as it could be hindering you.

What do you mean?

Straight up, your hate on the German mains, and the need to make out they are wehraboos, and haven’t got a braincell of thier own.

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I don’t hate german mains.

Now of course it is easy to notice the obvious my poetic exaggeration in the topic, but you have failed in it.

However, the following things are facts:
1, This mode is by far mostly played by germany mains.
2, germany mains are usually trash players
3, assault matches are much easier to win when there are no/very few german mains in the team.

Germany mains are proven to be bad even by Gaijin, since they balance tanks by the player performance instead of the tank’s actual capability.

Let’s just take an example. The Panzer 4 F2 and the Chi-Nu are at the same BR, while the Chi-Nu is factually WORSE in every way.
Similar case can be found with the Chi-To and Panzer 4 H/J tanks. They are roughly equivivalent, yet the Panzers are a whole BR lower.

The thing is, Japan is a minor nation, and therefore there are more skilled players playing them, compared to other nations.

However, the reason why Germany is (playerbase wise) worse than other major nations (USA, USSR) is because of the Tiger/Panther mania.

Wehraboos from all over the World (who are sitting all day in front of History Channel, and taking in the wisdom, of the Tiger being never frontally penetrated, and that it could take on a modern MBT and win most of the time (i personally know people who believe this)) find this game, and rush to the Tiger, only to be absolutely owned by literally anybody.

Then they just go play assault, but they simply just lack any kind of pattern recognition.
You know, like them getting shot through smoke, and they continue to pop that damn smoke for the millionth time…

Now of course not all trash players are german mains. But a commonly occuring trait amongs those who play this mode is that they are just horribly bad players.

Another thing taht shows how bad players are playing here.
I am playing a mostly stock M60A3, a 9.0 tank, and i am around (or even exactly at) the top in both kills and points in all matches, when my teammates are playing top tier tanks.
And you can’t say it is because they use stock HEAT, most of them are shooting darts.
But even with stock HEAT, i am still near top, so…

At top tier, germany players are not that bad, but bellow that level, they are just playing awful.


Yea, nah, I’m not looking through all that junk…

Just tell them that it doesn’t affect the AI.

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“I am not going to accept that i lost, so i will cough up some BS excuse”.

You can talk to a jellyfish all day, they will not understand it.

Tho now i get your issue xd.

No, you don’t get my ‘issue’…

You obviously have no care to encourage or educate other players other than whip up some general whinge and moan about how bad a group are because of the want to make an issue…

Honestly, some of you players are really just so fixated on some stupid things to try and make out it’s not your problem.

The way I see the ‘German mains’ and ‘wehraboo’ trope used, it’s almost like it’s a segregation issue… Where it used to be about German mains having trouble with thier vehicles, but it’s ‘anything’ that is a german main now…

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I always tell them multiple times, even in multiple languages (if i can figuer out from their name),a nd even DM them.

It is not my problem if they lack any basic understanding.

Because they make an otherwise easy gamemode barely winnable with their behaviour. They are essentially sabotaging…

Segregation? DAFUQ are you talking about?

Truth must be areally huring you.

Don’t feed the troll.


Because it’s a generalizing statement about a certain group of player… Maybe not segregation, but it’s definitely a grouping to insult alone…

Hence why when you checked my stats and seen I ran Germans you seen confident enough to dismiss what I said.

And not once have you said you even told them, other than your little quip about the fact of talking to jelly fish all day…

You can sit moaning and not let anyone know all day it’ll do the same. Much the same as telling new players that the game is heavily problematic from your top teir throne.

Whilst what you say may exist, doesn’t mean it is actually the source of thier issues.

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Maybe they are the troll.

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The fact these threads are being made to circumvent the suggestion ‘approval’ should be a reason to actually stop this nonsensical complaint/tropefarming from being a thing.

But I know it won’t…

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I have not said that all germany mains are bad. But the huge majority is. You can’t deny that.

I did not dismiss what you said because of your stats. You was talking bollocks. Your stats are just reinforcing the fact, that you simply do not know what you are talking about.


If they pop smoke, yet get hit every time, then they have some king of issue.
You know, basic pattern recognition…