Disable Crew Lock >10.0

Since you have done every single possible thing to make every single match a knife fight flicker that would make Quake fans salivate go the extra mile and disable crew lock so we can put in some legitimate matches / hour.


This is a good idea, I find myself leaving after 2 or 3 deaths in a CQC map and having the rest of my crew locked because I was forced to play a map I didn’t like.

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right now you pay only a fraction of repair cost if you are killed fast. just go back to the battle and die fighting the spawncampers.
like a man, you know…

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yeah let me remove my SPAA from my lineup so I can rush and die faster

if there’s no point to spawning why are we forced to spawn / deal with crew lock

I can rush and die in a new game where it might provide actual value to my account


nobody forces you to play and with the new way the backups are activated its easier to play longer with smaller lineups.
and top tier is ODL heaven anyway. its not the matter of crew lock, its the RP and SL costs combined that prohibits players from fielding more than one or two vehicles per game.
you will never have fun you expect to have, deal with it. ;)

No one forces you to type on this forum yet here you are typing on this forum.

This forum is designed to provide feedback to the developers.

My feedback is that if they want to continue encouraging knife fights and making the game more arcadey then go all in and disable crew lock so we can maximize gameplay time.

Otherwise they’re wasting our time for arbitrary reasons.


yes, you are true. and, sadly, so am i. the type of gameplay gaijin enforces on a top tier is off putting, but (i think) its as good as it gets without complete revamp of the game.
modern era should be completely separate game so it is not using mechanics created for II WW tanks and planes.

should prob get a macro to hard ban certain maps

Cleary the forum is for people to cry about CAS actually.