Disable [Conquest #1] Ash River

Single point mission types on maps this small are toxic for players.

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Many don’t even understand the map, it’s not toxic… It’s a very old map that requires people to think about how the fight plays.

Top route HAS to be secured as if anyone is above you, they get height advantage and are able to shoot down on you.

You can’t return fire up as well as you can be shot down on, so you lose if you’re under the upper route.

Because Ash River has 4+ levels, all hidden from the next, you have to be sure of where the enemy is going to move, or you’re going to end up pinned down and stuck.

Top to bottom. Height advantage is a common thing in all maps.

Doesn’t need ‘disabling’, and it sure isn’t toxic. The only thing ‘toxic’ are players who can’t actually learn the game, that they all want to play.

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Unfortunately the direction is very clear - people who think are NOT the target demographic any more. The maps are being dumbed down beyond belief. All hills are being flattened or views blocked off with objects. Changes are directed at eliminating flanking or any strategy other than driving directly towards the objective.

Did Ash River get changed?

Posting on a thread discussing a specific variant of the map without knowing what the variant is means your entire comment is worthless.

The map is fine for low tier. The specific mission variant as with all Conquest mission variants puts map control out the window and forces people in to a brawl.

The issue is the game mode, not the map.

The premise of my comment is perfectly balanced.

Height advantage is the key, pushing up into areas is priorty, and needed at a fast rate.

The issue is the players, not the mode.

Your want to ‘disable’ is pure avoidance.

You quite literally do not know what version of the map you’re talking about which makes anything you say in terms of tactics irrelevant.

But yea Ash river does needs to be heavily overhauled.

With that clear as day sniping spot from that one spawn.
Not much cover at A but you can shoot at people over the slop.
And the C cap is just a shooting grounds for game birds

I checked it once you highlighted, it also has a top pass on that level itself, so you should not be so upset that you’ve been countered yet again, and that my advice remains rocksolid.

Stop trying to remove ‘disable’ everything you don’t understand.

You keep stating that I don’t understand the map without ever having played a match with me or reviewing my stats. That’s why your comments are so inane.

Ash River Conquest #1 places all focus on a narrow strip of ground ~50 meters wide

“just go on the tippy top” is not a response

Flooding 15 tanks on a narrow pass is death, you have people cross sniping in a position irrelevant to the point because the game mode makes the point irrelevant

If a game mode makes its own objective irrelevant then the game mode is irrelevant and shouldn’t be in the game

Ash River barely works because of the flow you described because you can still ignore the top path and focus on securing the two other points

Yes holding the top path will allow your team control of sniping but there are flanking routes that allow you to capture and hold the two points negating your position

That’s what makes a map good, ability to be dynamic

The game mode in question and for which this thread was created removes that dynamic gameplay in favor of a low tier meat grinder which doesn’t have the decency of being Advance to the Rhine which at least offers numerous flanking routes the push in to said meat grinder from new angles

The flanking routes on Ash River only exist to counter other points, you can’t flank out the sniper hill because the enemy spawn is placed there which highlights your flank

The map should not have Conquest #1 enabled as it ruins the map

Because you post up threads wanting things removed… Not fixed, just removed…

And that 50 meter wide piece of ground has layers…

Wasn’t what I said, as I said about HEIGHT ADVANTAGE, which plays out in multiple ways, across many maps, and many modes…

It’s not narrow, and you won’t be shot at as well if you are on the, top route… Gaining, again, height advantage.

The objective is to cap the point, and if you can’t do that, then you stop the enemy from capping it, or you cover your team moving to cap said objective.

Then you haven’t picked the best position to sit back and snipe from if that is the case… Or, you’ve let them push up enough without being stopped that again, your spot isn’t suitable to hold it.

You only see one way to play it though.

Word salad doesn’t help you, along with the bringing in of another map, that you are having trouble with.

Unfortunately, I disagree… It’s not ‘ruined’ as that’s merely being dramatic.

Now as for stat checking, nah, I’m not like that, and fact is that you can’t engage with anything that actually disagrees with you without making it about something else, or saying that it’s a misunderstanding on my part.

Be it that I was mistaken about the conquest location, the actual sentiment behind the advice was, and is sound…

Height advantage wins in a majority of matches, and if you can’t accept that this map has that as a factor, in ALL modes, then you are definitely not understanding this map, let alone the mode itself.

You post that many threads, that are obtuse, and feeding defeatism, and excuses, that I feel the need to actually start countering you on the regular because of the fact that you choose to put these threads out, and negate anything that anyone says to you, flagging it as ‘whatever’ to make it go away.


There is no justification for the game mode to be on the map in the map’s present form

Yes it should be removed