Disable bushes until proper modeling is enabled

This is stupid.


This does not support a compelling gaming environment and cheapens your game. It is on the level of World of Tanks. Please do not stoop to Wargaming. Please fix bushes.


There is no outline of a tank here.



… thats the point… lol

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IRL this much camouflage would block the gunner sight of your tank

This is modeled in SIM it’s not modeled in GRB

Bushes are also not applied like this IRL more so the camo netting that’s been popping up on premium vehicles

A mechanic that manages to be ahistorical and pay to win at the same time while also ruining ingame experience. Truly a Gaijin trifecta.


IRL you can’t switch to a different view position above and hover above your tank with a camera.
Stop using this Argument.

That’s only one argument I noted. It’s also asinine to completely discount realism as a discussion for mechanics consider 1. “Realistic Battles” 2. War Thunder is a simulator

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Then enable “Sniper view from gunner sight” or whatever it’s called. Don’t go around removing bushes.

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Or a mechanic which provides material advantage ingame which can only be obtained in useful quantities with real money shouldn’t be in the game.

Otherwise why can’t I spend $30 to activate a nuclear bomber?

Just shoot me down.


They are making them destroyable so isn’t that enough?

XD what

I don’t know how consistent it will be. If I shoot a dart will that trigger collision?

I still don’t think you should be able to place bushes so haphazardly it breaks the laws of physics

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me neither, hitting trees and bushes is too inconsistent already


It costs money and it gives an advantage. Of course, it’s profitable for a developer to sell an “advantage”… Are you suggesting that they stop doing it?

Thing is they’re not sold anymore other than in the warbond store, so the OP is absolutely making a mountain out of an anthill…

(I stand by this statement and whoever flagged it merely can’t handle the argument based)

I see an opportunity in my hangar to buy it for 500 gold eagles. These gold eagles are worth real money… With the new “dancing” trees in the game, this gives the players who paid money even more of an advantage.

That’s if you’re stupid and desperate… The fact is the OP has a dislike for premiums and bushes, and modes and maps they can’t understand…

The OP also complains of toxic players in their matches, yet doesn’t hesitate to TK players he doesn’t think tried enough to save them…

OP has a lot of problems with the game, accounting for the near 100 threads they’ve posted wanting removals, and disabling and all the changes they want, but any counter they get all deflecting and all avoiding to keep it about thier point, and nothing engaging.

Just straight up victim.

(I stand by this statement and whoever flagged it merely can’t handle the argument based.)

LOL. You’re right, you’re not toxic at all…)