Difference between long and short rod APFSDS

Me and a friend of mine were discussing about a Chinese APFSDS at 7.7 on the ZTS63 called DJW85 which is a long rod APFSDS in game, we then looked up pictures for it and it didn’t seem like it was long at all which is what i always thought the difference was. We then looked up a picture of 100mm APFSDS 3BM25 for the T55A and it appeared longer then DJW85 yet is was considered short rod APFSDS. Can you guys explain to me what makes a rod short or long? Because clearly length isn’t it, although that is heavily implied.


The 3BM25 shell is seemingly long, but the penetrator is only a short tungsten core in the nose, the rest is just a tool steel shell with the fins and a tungsten armor piercing cap.

That’s pretty much what the name short-rod means, the short core in the middle.

Long rod is also often called monobloc, because the whole projectile is the penetrator, usually tungsten alloy, like with the DJW85.


Quick question, is that a filling in the sabot? Looks like cork, never looked into this stuff so interested in what it is :)))

filling in the sabot? the sabot does have a cut, only the case and the tip preset a section cut, but if you mean the yellowish pellets then it’s just propellant, on the “newer” Russian rounds they are like spaghetti

Do you mean the propellant or the primer tube down the middle?

The shell casing is packed with loose stubs of propellant with a primer tube down the middle to ensure they burn more evenly. Rather than just burning more from the base upwards, spreads out from the primer tube.

Not sure what its made of, probably like the propellant, but smaller grains.

Or do you mean the bit directly behind the sabot petals? Because its a display piece, they’ve removed the real propellant and stuck some mockup propellant to boards inside the casing.

Mb, I was looking at the image in a squished way bc it wouldn’t fully show on my screen and mistook the propellant for the sabot, looking back idk how…