Diesel engine sound bug

Hey, recently got hands to obj 435 and i did a test drive with it. The engine ound is too loud in 3rd person and when in sight view the engine sound is non existent. So i tryed testing out t-80ud and it has the same problem.
Please fix!
Thank you!


Im having the same problem here. It seems to be any diesel engine. Super loud in 3rd and normal in first.

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that’s not a bug imagine it as 3rd person is you with your head outside the tank and sight view as being inside and the vehicle is dampening the sound

It is a bug its really loud so loud that you cant hear other tanks

LOL. You mean like reality?

But yeah, if the own-vehicle sound is too high relative to other own-vehicle sound then that is a bug.

you know you can change how loud engine sounds are in settings right? you probably have your engine volume on max

Ive been playing this game for 7 years i know what im doing and i know exaclty how loud engines are, this is way louder then usual and yes i have changes the settings a long time ago my engine is insanely loud while if i go into my scope you cant hear it, i dont understand how people havent reported on this bug more

thats how it normally works…

Same problem here, as far as I could tell, it has happened to all the vehicles I’ve played, usually happen as early as at the beginning of the match and will carry through the entire match until you respawn, I have to remove my headset or sometimes I just withdrawn from the match.

the bug messing with “my engine sound” loudness… it maxed to 100% alt you set it to 30%