Didn't ka50 had s13 rockets before?

Didn’t ka50 had s13 rockets before? Was they removed in some of the updates or they was never added?
Personally I would prefer to use s13 over s8 and I think It would be great if devs added them in near future as other top tier helis have them.

wouldnt be first spawnable though

I preordered ka-50 and it never had those big rockets. Ka-52 has them.

Technically i’m quite sure that every ( or most) helicopters from Mi-24V/P downward could mounted and use S-13 rocket pod. If they’re modified to. Only things we lack is source. Since most S-13 user are fairly modern or modified helicopters like Mi-24VM , Mi-35M , Mi-28s , Ka-52 . I haven’t found picture of Mi-24s with S-13 rocket pod yet. (welp there is 122mm rocket pod but not S-13 that Soviet / Russia use)