Did you enjoy recent sound update that was removed today? Poll

  • Yes, I enjoyed the new sound update in both planes and tanks
  • Yes, I enjoyed the new sound update only in tanks
  • Yes, I enjoyed the new sound update only in planes
  • Maybe, I think it needed a little bit of tweaking
  • No, I didn’t enjoy the new sound update at all.

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liked it but mg’s hitting me hurt my ears

I didn’t play WT enough to get a feel so I can’t offer an actual answer.

loved it, sucks that they removed it for me tbh

As is the case with the implementation of the awkward looking oil/soot graphics from gunfire, the sound update needed some more time in the oven before release. It was very poorly mixed.

Well, this poll is clearly leading and not a very good/accurate way to get opinions about the sound changes at all. 4 degrees of “yes” and one very stern version of “no”?? . . . what the heck is that? I did not get a chance to play ground battles as I was flying all day when it came out, but . . . I will say, the reason I chose the “No” option was because the constant and loud/annoying amount of “rounds” that were apparently whizzing by my plane at a unbelievable frequency was just extreme overkill. I even turned gunfire down as far as it would go and it was still there. Frankly, I find it hard to believe that any pilot flying a piston engine plane(prolly jets as well) would ever even hear a round go by over his engine, just not feasible . . . or realistic. Now rounds that actually hit the plane, that would be different. But the way these things were implemented was, as mentioned, not very realistic and quite distracting. Try playing an AB Air “Frontline” map were there are so many guns and all of them firing off at overly extreme ROF and having to listen to any of them that come within 50 - 100 meters of your plane . . . well, if you don’t get the idea, just take my word for it . . . excessive is putting it mildly . . by a great deal. On the one hand, I am all for “realism” & immersion, as it can fit into a “game format”, but . . . like many things that have been added over the past few years, I just remember an old saying that fits how things have become . . . “Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean that you HAVE to” . . . . IF they could make it a lot more toned down and just an occasional thing in planes, it might work for that. As far as ground battles go . . . I suppose knowing where attacks are coming from by the sound, might be useful . . . but silence at key moments and lack of accurate directional indications just make things arbitrary and again, distracting. It seems like a good idea . . on paper, but if not implemented in the game properly . . . not helpful. But it might be worked on and used at some point . . needs “tweaking”, but I have to say the same thing for your poll . . . if you want accurate results, do not try to lead/persuade/solicit responses from those polled to mimic your views/opinions . . . frankly it skews the poll and makes it worthless . . . . you should try again . . . that is my opinion.

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Really bummed to see they removed this. I really enjoyed the sounds and didn’t necessarily find anything wrong with it that really bugged me. I hope they rework whatever’s wrong and add the sound back.

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I was enjoying the new sounds but it’s not the point of the game for me. They have made many sound changes so I’m indifferent at this point.

I`ve enjoyed them as well :( Pity they are gone

An option to say that you liked sound changes, an option to say that you liked changes only in tank battles, an option to say that you liked changes only in plane battles, an option to say that it needs tweaking and finally an option to say that you didn’t enjoy sounds at all.

To do what you are requiring, would require multiple question poll. As the point of this is to find out only one simple thing - whether people actually disliked new sound changes, there’s no need to complicate it. As to why they liked it/disliked, that’s for Gaijin to gather data for

yes please bring them back!

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