Did they buffed overpressure mechanic?

The 152/155 HE seems too powerful now, none of my heavy tanks could take one and not die, I mean after like over 30 OHKO death in Conquerer and King Tiger, something seems off here. I mean I remember it’s rng and they used to be able to take a few and got gaijined and not die? but now I got one-shot every time, 30 is a lot and I am not joking, I can make a compilation video of me not surviving one-shot in all my heavies.

Actually they nerfed VT-HEs in recent patches, but of course HE can still kill with overpressure

It depends on where rhey aim. People may just be finally learning where to Aim their HE rounds. For kings its easy. Shoot them lower turret above the hull. Works newrly everytime. RNG of coirse. I also think hitting commanders hatchs woek too.