Did they break LOAL on hellfire Bs?

As title says, I’m pretty sure that I’m doing everything right (check video below)



Fire hellfire, turn off laser, wait for timer, turn on laser, hit

it seems the second the laser turns off, the hellfire doesn’t fall back on INS, and instead keeps its AOA until destruction


I’m still waiting for the 114Ls to be added. Yes, they probably did.

Yeah, it looks like they no longer recover from their loft during the laser off phase of the flight.

I had a degree of success shooting down helis with a hellfire a while ago, but recently they seem to never hit. Even a relatively stationary target. Does seem like they’ve had some nerfs

Meanwhile Ka-50 and 52…

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IIRC the Hellfire going dumb after the laser is turned off is accurate to real life. If you want to make use of LOAL you need to fire them with the laser turned off originally (which requires you to change a setting in the options menu to avoid the laser automatically turning on).


Looks like its just bugged

Well it has been confirmed that in real life once the Hellfire was locked on it could not re-initiate a scan for the laser if the lock was lost. So essentially the in game behaviour is correct: the Hellfire locked on at the moment of launch, you turned the laser off, the Hellfire lost lock, you turned the laser back on and the missile didn’t reacquire it.


The wiki article is either incorrect. Or it was previously correct and the developers changed the Hellfire to be more accurate to real life.

Well then do we know how LOAL worked IRL? The pilots had to have had some kind of CCIP/RP for the hellfires if they couldn’t do the inav/lofting phase on their own. That would defeat the purpose of locking on after launch in the first place as the pilot would have no idea how long or how far the hellfire would fly

I just tested the 114Bs on the A129CBT and the LOAL seems to work just fine for me.

Edit: Works on the Petens as well.

Were they actually following their ballistic trajectory, or did they just pick up the laser with their really tall seekers? Every time i’ve tried, the INAV keeps them alligned horizontally, but they hold their pitch from the moment the laser goes away. They can still pick it up again because of the tall seeker, but they shouldn’t hold that nose position like they do.

Here’s the original bug report, mine was closed for being a duplicate so please report if you agree