Did spawn points for planes go up?

My Ayit without any loadout requires 638 points to spawn in. The “Secondary Menu” shows I can spawn with loadouts, but the actual “To Battle” button is disabled.

I bet this is another bug the missing quality assurance team missed on release. FML.

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Even when I want to leave that battle where I can’t spawn Ayit into wihout even any loadouts cause “To Battle” button is not availble, the still game mocks me - hey you sure you want to leave cause your Ayit crew is still available.

Tell me, how do you break the mechanics like this with your new update? What a mess.


I bet every single player who does ground RB is affected by this BS.

Do you have an AP belt equiped?

No, default belt. Also, in Ayit’s case the AP belt for its own 30mm has the same cost as the default. The only AP belt that incurs extra cost is for the 20mm gunpods.