Did SPAA get nerfed with alpha strike update? (Arcade)

Seems like it’s been a week or two since I played any SPAA, but today my battle task was to kill enemy vehicles using an SPAA so I cued them up and started playing. So I’ve played maybe 15 battles and I’m not getting the targeting lead that I’ve always had in the past. My kill rate is way down (barely 1 kill per battle) and planes are killing my vehicles way easier.

A very few times in the past i might not get the targeting lead for part of a battle, or until I had targeted a particular plane for a few moments, but it’s never been like this before.

Is this the the server glitching really bad, or have gaijin decided to change SPAA gameplay?

What SPAA are you using?

What game mode were you playing?

ts complains that he cannot shoot down planes with one finger? typical antiaircrafter

thanks for the reply. Very helpful.


I have not noticed any change in the rate of suffer.

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Game mode is stated in the title: Arcade, with the same untis I’ve been using. Not sure why that matters, though? Unless they have changed the paradigm, which, as far as I can tell, the changelog doesn’t mention (be it for those particular units, or specific tech trees, or for SPAA in general).

Sorry, not sure what that means.

I haven’t noticed any change in hit rate or damage effect with SPAAs.

Some SPAAs have lead fire lead indicators in Arcade that is has mechanical (black) or electronic (green).

The mechanical lead indicators vanish when in Realistic. I’m not quite sure why electronic ones in Arcade are significantly over leading the mechanical ones if they are both present.

No, people got stupider. At least that is for realistic

I wasn’t really asking about that. My question was about the target leading mechanism for SPAA. It’s not there anymore for me, and I’m wondering whether they’ve changed the implementation or I’m having some other issue, such as a technical issue related to bandwidth or maybe a server glitch. I’ve experienced this before but never battle after battle after battle.

Still nope.

Yes, the black circle (I don’t have any SPAAs modern enough for the electronic one lol). This is what I was missing yesterday the entire time I had them in my lineup.

Average 0.6 tank K/D CASvocate defending CAS.

Average 0.6 tank K/D CASvocate defending CAS.

Well they have to give CAS enjoyers even more unfairness. After all what could you do? Make them learn to play with tanks? Nah, why would they do it when they can just use an unfair and uncounterable mechanic that requires ZERO skill to use?!

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Where did you saw 0.6 kd?
And no need to duplicate ur message.

Why zero skill?

By dividing your number of kills by the number of your deaths?! Maybe?!

Because you need to learn nothing to destroy tanks with CAS, while tank players have to know a lot to destroy other tanks as effectively as CAS can :)

The update has removed the black circle

Majority of my tanks have ≈ 1,5 kd

The player spends time researching the planes and then bringing them out of the drain, which requires skill from him, as well as honing his bombing skill, he needs to learn to accurately drop bombs and missiles. and at the same time, to master airplanes you need 0 skill. I believe.

you haven’t played on airplanes yourself, and yet you’re talking about their “op-ness”. there's nothing to talk about with you)