Did something change on damage models? Wings flying off?

I’ve never had so many wings just fly off. Same planes I’ve been flying for quite some time. Maybe just a streak of bad luck, but it’s odd I’ve so many wings simply detach in the past 5 days. It’s made AirRB kind of hard to sustain (which has always been my preferred mode). Just an odd change that’s has made a noticeable impact on my play experience. Is there some sort of update? I assume it’s 20mm canons that are doing it. Just very odd.

They buffed cannon damage not too long ago, its not a change to the plane damage models, but to the damage guns do

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Well if they buffed them to get more dynamic results, it worked. Ahahaha.

I personally think they have gone a little to over the top in damage but it is nice to have hispanos and type99’s that actually kill people

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