Did gaijin nerf ATGM-65D's?

i was playing CAS with the f-16C and a bit after i launched my mavericks, i got 3 hits, even though all of them were direct hits to the turrets. i was confused because i remember these things being way better. did they get nerfed or did i just get unlucky?

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Probably just unlucky.

Gaijin has some weird hatred for HEAT weapons (most NATO air to surface weapons are HEAT and most Russian ones are HE… weird coincidence… must be unrelated to the fact they also just held back most NATO HE weapons and have been slow to implement any of them, like the AGM-65E) and as such wont allow HEAT weapons to overpressure basicly anything.

This lead to stuff like the AGM-65’s having terrible on hit effects ingame and being really REALLY unreliable, so gaijin “fixed” them by making them LESS ACCURATE (you read that right kids, Gaijin nerfed NATO PGM’s and passed it off as a “buff” cuz they didnt want to fix the real issue) so now they are less likely to hit center mass, so you now have a “chance” to kill a tank in one hit if you get blessed by RNG.

Of course, it also means you have a chance of ur missile doing basicly nothing, but thats not gaijins problem, shouldve played gaijins favourite nation if you wanted stuff that works as well or better than reported irl


I’d say so too.

All Mavs are sometimes a bit iffy; I can have streaks where I kill 6 tanks easily in one sortie, others where 6 missiles only kill 2 lightly armored SPAAG’s.

Doesnt help that gaijin wont let them overpressure, despite video evidence of what they do to vehicles irl:

Numerous bug reports, and the fact they have almost as much TNT filler than the S-25O rockets the russians use that are instakills if they land anywhere near a tank (58kg for S-25O, 51kg for AGM-55D) and more than double the TNT filler of the S-24B’s the russians also use to nuke ground vehicles


yeah dont bother even use agms they are worthless tbh top tier is worthless

ive locked on to tanks with the A10s abysmal zoom in feture for the agms and they wont hit. they barely hit stationary A.I targetsthen one time theyll hhit something i wouldnt expect. like a hovering ka 50

the agms should also be on the ah 64d and the f111 they should also have over 1200mm of penetration.

My main concerns with the BFP warhead is its only 80lb of explosive, it largely relies on the APHE style effect and then frag damage.

Both of these are pretty poorly modelled right now, frag damage from explosives is not very good and overpressure from 80lb of explosive wouldn’t do any damage.


APHE is poorly modeled?

Sorry I meant frag damage and overpressure. Frag damage is very hit and miss, and overpressure is a toss up on when/if it works.

APHE is fine (if not massively over tuned), but it would need the devs to classify the BFP Mav’s as APHE. Overall its messy.

My concern centres around the BFP being two/three distinct types of weapon, it can function similar to a HE warhead with fragmentation effect or Overpressure. It can also function as APHE and explode beyond armour.

Shells/missile etc tend to only ever do one thing in warthunder.

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So 65D are poorly model after all?

Itd still do more damage than the stupid 51kg HEAT AGM-65D we currently have simply off the basis gaijin refuses to fix the on-hit effect of HEAT warheads.

And 80lbs would def kill a tank, the S-24B’s the russian jets use only have 56.2lbs of TNT filler and those nuke tanks

Heck, the Type 99 SPH L15A2 shell only has 14.8kg (32.6lbs) of TNT equivalent and any tank hit by that tends to have a pretty bad day as well…

Not particularly, the 65D is probably lacking penetration but we’d need to know the material used for the liner. It’s been some time now but @tripod2008 has decent knowledge on the HEAT mav’s.

The only Primary source (from what i remember it was on the topic of Strategic Materials ) I’ve seen that referenced the liner claimed is Aluminum based, I don’t have it on hand right now, but I know I linked to it in a few different threads / bug reports on the old forum.


Good luck getting gaijin to care, they have a severe hate boner for american missile tech and ground attack ordinance…

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Found the source, the reference to the Maverick’s liner material is on PDF Page #5

Also I may have came across a Maverick A / -B ?manual?, the one issue is that it’s written in Serbian? So it may take some time to decipher, since i only speak / read English.