Dicker Max Track add on Armor

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I suggest the addition of Track add on armor for the Casemate of the Dicker Max. Whether it be Permament (like on the Sturer Emil) or by a modification (Like on other tanks like Pz IV).

In game the Sturer Emil which is from a certain point of view the “Big brother” of the Dicker Max has Track armor on the casemate as well. And on the Dicker Max it wouldnt be Fictional ether.

Why? It gives it a certain look over the “Factory New”, a bit more personaliced by the crews and would give it a bit more protection for the casemate cince its only 30mm unlike the Hull (50mm). The tracks wouldnt do much but over range and against some Spaa like the Russian 25mm it would give it the little extra to survive.

DybcFCeWkAEXzm9.jpg crew_of_the_Dicker_Max_Schwere_Panzerjag d33de306fac8ad86e92823be5626345c.jpgHere it is destroyed, the track fell off and is visible on the Mud guard.


more armour is always welcome

Gaijin gonna use the stack of grass from the first one and call it a premium