Devs Snub Proven Lvkv m/43 for Prototype Lvkv 42 – Why?

You opted for a prototype (Lvkv 42) over our domestically produced service model (Lvkv 43). I get that it’s unique, but seriously? It’s not even practical; the ridiculously short ammo pool renders it ineffective as an anti-aircraft vehicle! I’ve been tirelessly searching for information at Arsenalen, trying to find out if there’s additional ammunition storage below or near the turret, but they haven’t responded yet. Local libraries in my county only have information I’m already aware of, and online searches yield either War Thunder articles and videos or limited images of the vehicle’s side and front!

You went with a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun that was supposed to be paired with a twin vehicle equipped with radar—the damn Lvkv 42, or as it’s called in Bofors trials with Landsverk: fm/49! I’m on the brink of tearing my hair out from frustration because you guys went above and beyond to select the most elusive self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery in all of Sweden! As a Swedish citizen, I can’t find anything substantial beyond its armament and engine details! Why, oh why, would you make this decision? The Lvkv 43 was a solid self-propelled anti-aircraft gun with a wealth of information!