[Development] Vickers Mk.11: The Wheeled Behemoth

The Vickers Mk.11 is a prototype wheeled combat vehicle developed by British company Vickers as part of a private venture in response to an Australian requirement in the 1990s, this vehicle will arrive in the game with the next War Thunder update!

Vickers Mk.11: A Light Tank for Britain at Rank VI!


  • Versatile 105 mm cannon.
  • Laser rangefinder.
  • Light protection.
  • Large in size.
Vehicle History

Development of the Mk.11 began in 1990 with Vickers launching the program under its own initiative in order to meet a requirement from the Australian armed forces for a new long-range patrol vehicle. Given its unique intended use case, the Mark 11 was designed as a wheeled APC, armed with a 105mm cannon and fitted with a spacious fighting compartment. Full-scale development of the vehicle began in March 1993 with a first prototype already being displayed at the UK Armed Forces Exhibition in September.

Vickers ensured a high development speed by utilizing off-the-shelf components in nearly all aspects of the vehicle, while only applying minor design modifications. As a result, the hull of the vehicle was based on the Timoney Mark 8 APC while the turret was adopted from Vickers’ VFM5 light tank design. Apart from the long-range patrol version, a whole vehicle family was also designed around the platform, including a dedicated APC, SPAAG, ATGM carrier, command and ambulance vehicle as well as others.

However, despite the rapid development and broad possible applications, the Mk.11 failed to attract any interest from potential operators. As a result, the vehicle never left the prototype stage with only unit ever being produced.

Meet the Vickers Mk.11!

The next dev blog season has begun! Coming to War Thunder in the next major update, the Vickers Mk.11 will help to bolster Britain’s ground research tree at rank VI! Highly agile and packing an impressive punch, the Mk.11 will be sure to provide you with an impressive choice for flanking and scouting. Let’s dive into the details of what this vehicle has to offer!

Right off the bat, you may have already noticed something oddly familiar about the Mk.11. Its size? Yes, it’s an absolute unit, but what we mean is its turret! This vehicle inherits its entire turret from the VFM5 light tank which you may already be familiar with, as it’s already in the game. This means that it sports a very-capable 105 mm LRF cannon, featuring excellent ballistic properties and a great rate of fire!

Download Wallpaper:

Unlike the VFM5, the Mk.11 features a wheeled 6x6 chassis, offering you good mobility. This vehicle can reach speeds of up to 105 km/h on paved surfaces, all while retaining good off-road characteristics apart from in the most difficult terrain types such as deep snow or mud.

Interesting: The Vickers Mk.11 is big. And we really mean big. To put it into perspective, its height is almost the size of two 6ft people standing on top of each other! So large that it could carry 4 crew and 7 additional crew members. In the game, it will have 4 regular crew members.

The fact that the Mk.11 is based on a modified APC chassis means that it won’t really offer you much protection in your matches. Featuring only lightweight armor, this vehicle will be able to withstand light machine guns and autocannons at a distance. However, dedicated anti-tank weapons will most certainly make short work of its thinly armored hull. Therefore, a smarter tactic would be to make use of its excellent mobility to stay out of sight from any enemies that you may encounter, all while picking off enemies from flank positions!

In your matches: Pro-tips when using the Vickers Mk.11 by Tom (Oxy), WT Community Manager (TL): “As the vehicle is so massive and very lightly armored, it’s important to keep its size in mind while considering your positioning, common defensive spots won’t work too well for it as it’s just so tall. The best strategy will be to focus on its speed, aiming to push aggressively to a good position early on. Fighting like an MBT head-on won’t be too reliable for it — if you can plan your initial route well and get to the side of your enemies, it doesn’t matter how little armor you have (at least for a while!).”

This wheeled behemoth, the Vickers Mk.11, will soon be available at rank VI in the British ground forces research tree when the next major update is released! Make sure that you’re keeping an eye on our website for other exciting dev blogs that we’ll be revealing. Until then, enjoy your matches!

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like a Britsh AUBL74/HVG but with bigger canno
looks fun to play


How did this behemoth compare to the class 3P in dimensions?

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Chonker. Almost 12ft tall 💀

British light tank line

That pro tip part from Oxy is a really nice addition to the devblog, nice!


a new update? So shortly after the actual one?

Looks like a great vehicle, shame there’s still no British light tank line for it to go in. New Devblog format is nice though.

yep, that’s definitely nice. Gaijin putting interesting vehicles is nice for once.

Gunna need to find a 40k skin for this thing. Looks like something the space marines used



So needs this skin

Based wheelie boi, need a post apocalyptic skin for it.


Maybe the tallest vehicle in game?

What Thai vehicles are there?

My guess that since it’s British, it’ll probably have the same turning radius as a Bosvark. It’ll be horrible in urban maps!

Yet another 105mm armed bumper car, to accopany over a dozen other 105mm bumper cars that already exist in its BR bracket, without meaningful differences.
I wish we could get some more unique vehicles, or at least vehicles that are more unique in their techtree. This bus fits the exact same niche as the Rooikat 105 and Rooikat MTTD, who already work well up to 10.3 and still work fine in toptier.
Britain could use ANYTHING that doesn’t have a 105mm or 120mm as main armament past 8.7 instead. Something with an autocannon you can spawn to counter early heli rushes. Something that can deal with tanks, is great against lightly armoured wheeled threats, and can still work as makeshift close range SPAA, especially because of that 8.3-10.3 SPAA gap Britain still has.


Im expecting this thing to only have HESH and be at like 10.7. Not too mention its going to be huge. Easily the biggest Light tank in the game I reckon, so its not going to be a very good sniper

Ajax or Warrior VERDI would have both been better choices. Though could get multiple additions this update, stranger things have happened. Like actually getting a light tank


only devblogs, will be a long time until the update

it will probabally go in the line with the other vickers like the mk1/3/5 and 7, or it could go in the line with the warrior if we are getting other british lights this patch cause that line terminates at 8.7 instead of 10.3

it would also be nice to see a Challenger 2 CLIP that uses the same gun as Abrams and Leopard and can fire DM53 and the such