[Development] Introducing War Thunder’s New Event Cycle

Alvis’ real average score during the event was around 1450. We measured it at the time: Call of the Dragon: Earn the Object 292! - #828 by Bruce_R1

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out of curiosity, does that account for games played after the star is achieved?

It would give me a break since I’m not doing that one…

1450 before bonuses is probably accurate for ground especially since I just run less meta lineups these days.
Back when I was burnt out of ground I would run only meta lineups to get it done as fast as possible so I could play air RB, naval, or helicopter PVE instead.

@OrsonES Is there going to be a new event in this series or is it abandoned? Last one ended 2 days ago and we haven’t heard anything about a new one. Is it postponed because of the April Fools event? I was under the impression they are going year round except for the summer break and for the Winter event which was said would stay the same. It’s neither summer nor winter so I am left here confused.


No news of event?
Because i am not playing this April fool’s event and honestly i was waiting for the event to come to start grind tanks , nothing wrong with the April fool’s event is just another unnecessary grind for a event and some decorations.

I’m enjoying the break personally, still have Pages of History and Battlepass to keep me entertained. Wouldn’t mind knowing how long it’s gonna last either, though.

Hopefully the next thing will be something smaller we can polish off in just a couple weeks or with a lower score amount per day, change it up.

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Hi. We mentioned this in the event cycle news: [Development] Introducing War Thunder’s New Event Cycle - News - War Thunder

“In addition to this, each event — except the Winter event and some cosmetic only events — will only have one vehicle dedicated to them. Every event will last on average 12-18 days, where when it finishes, there’ll be a small pause of a few days until the next one begins.”

Mad Thunder counts as one of those “cosmetic only” events that we mentioned. It’s the current event in the new cycle.


Thanks for clarification!

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oh well i apreciate the clarification , thanks for let us know , i guess il go play something else


So to clarify cause u failed at it.
the small cosmetic-only event runs parallel with the vehicle events and in a few days we get the dev and the new vehicle event ?

Its pretty clearly said, this event wont run paralel with vehicle event, that comes in the next cycle, ie. 19 or something days.

what a letdown…Compared to this being not a minor event, its riddled with game-breaking bugs and extract campers. and this gonna be on for 17 f days? ?? holly crap

This sucks but at least i dont need to play the game for two more weeks just like ive barely played the last 4 weeks becuase who cares about a copypaste jag and a boat for the 3 people that try to convince themselves naval is good, you could’ve at least thrown an old vehicle in for a rerun or something warthunder essentially is a gacha game at this point.

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they updated to make a safe area to prevent exit campers to some degree.

not a bad thing tho…at least for 17 days I wont have a single reason to launch the game…Perfect time to detox
And the spring sale is too, 2 weeks away I think

Yes please!

Take the XM8 for example. I want it, but at the same time don’t feel like dropping 100 Gaijoob coins for a very mediocre light tank.

I imagine quite a few people out there would be happy to grind these previous event rewards on top of or instead of current ones.

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So this is my break from the grind, thanks for the clarification.