[Development] AMX-10M: A Familiar Beast

A formidable vehicle comes to the game: meet the AMX-10M, a French SPG that was specifically designed to fire anti-tank guided missiles!

AMX-10M: SPG, France, rank V


  • A gun that is capable of firing ATGMs!
  • An auxiliary 20mm gun, good against light tanks and aircraft.
  • Decent mobility — able to get to cover quickly.
  • Capability to be amphibious.

The AMX-10M SPG originated from the Anti-Char Rapide Autopropulsé (ACRA) project that started in 1970 in France. The AMX-10M is based on the AMX-10 series of infantry fighting vehicles, which were converted to accommodate a 142mm smoothbore gun capable of firing ACRA anti-tank guided missiles. 3 prototype SPGs were prepared for testing, and by 1974, the ACRA gun was fully tested and prepared for adoption. However, due to high costs and the inability to use the gun on a light vehicle, the project was shut down. As a result of this, the 3 prototypes that were built were transferred to the Museum of Armored Vehicles in Saumur, France.


With the arrival of the next major update, the AMX-10M will help bolster the French ground force lineup in and around rank V, thanks to its decent mobility, 20mm autocannon and 142mm gun that is capable of firing anti-tank guided missiles. Let’s take a detailed look at what this SPG can offer!

Experimental guns that were capable of firing anti-tank guided missiles were developed as part of the ACRA anti-tank project in France. French ground force players and their enemies may already be familiar with one particular vehicle that derived from this project: the AMX-30 ACRA, which has already been in the game for some time now, and has the same gun as the AMX-10M! Moving onto the nitty-gritty parts of this tank, the missiles fired from the 142mm ACRA gun have great velocity and a range of nearly 4km — which is even enough to scare and take out enemies that are flying a helicopter within this range. We’re also going to mention the missile’s penetration: these missiles can pierce through 700mm of armor, which is enough to defeat most homogeneous armor and even early ERA!

Download Wallpaper:

The AMX-10M can also carry conventional high-explosive shells, which will certainly help in sticky situations at closer ranges where the use of an anti-tank guided missile just doesn’t quite cut it. The AMX-10M’s turret also includes a handy auxiliary 20mm autocannon, which is useful against lightly armored vehicles as well as low flying planes and helicopters that you may encounter.

Moving on to an important part of any tank: armor. The AMX-10M’s armor is cast light alloy, which is enough to keep out light machine guns and nearby artillery strikes that it may face. However, this does mean that it will struggle to protect against conventional anti-tank shells and larger machine guns that are fired from enemy tanks. Be sure to utilize the gun from longer distances!

The quirky, but nonetheless interesting AMX-10M tank will be an exciting addition to the French ground tree, and will be coming in the next major War Thunder update. That’s this dev blog wrapped up — be sure to stay tuned to our website and social media, where we’ll be announcing other dev blogs soon!

You can greatly speed up the research on this vehicle with:

Super AMX-30 Pack
Super AMX-30 Pack
The Kit Includes:
  • Super AMX-30 (France, Rank VI)
  • 2000 Golden Eagles
  • Premium account for 15 days


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This all but confirms the leak list I’ve been sitting on for the last couple of days. Now I know what to expect from the update.

Would you be able to link that list?

Sure. It certainly looks extremely suspicious, but again, I’ve been sitting on it for a couple days now, and since then I’ve seen both the Texas and this AMX-10M’s devblog which both show up on the list.

Leak list

I left the time and date of the Discord message there to show that I saw this 4 days ago, before the Texas or the AMX-10Ms devblogs came out.
Leak list


ITS SOOOO DAMN UGLY LIKE WHAT ON EARTH. The French has some odd minds designing this.

It looks like a squished AuF1 turret

Magnifique ! Splendide ! Since I’ve been waiting for this excellent SPG, it finally arrives in to the game. Thanks to the development team for this addition.

Oh my you put that in my brain now I cant unsee it

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Appreciate it man, been seeing alot pop up but that one does seem to be the closest so far

na looks like a modern version of a Saint Chamond


Saint Chamond HD remaster version


What longer distances? 90% of the maps in the game have the same knife fight objective area. Often a city…

You got a link for this?

And it’s clearly missing 10+ vehicles.

Especially after the latest wave of map nerfs its meh. Cliffs and hills have been blocked now by newly placed rocks. Alot sniper positions have been closed, espicially on African maps. Alot maps have been even more cut in size by new offmap timers, making large areas inaccessible. Flanking routes where not aviable anymore. All what remains are 3 pipes (left, center, right) you might choose and which funnel all into close range areas. Even on open maps like Poland AGAIN more gargantuan trees have been placed to block sight lines and make long range combat even more difficult. Average line of sight seems to be roughly 300m now for most maps.

Its depressing. Whats the point of the maps when you just place offmap timers and cut 50% if its size away? I’d like this to be reversed.


useless. A casemate atgm carrier that’s going to be 8.0 at least and will serve no purpose because the amx 30 acra already exist… and because atgm are borderline unusable, courtesy of gaijin overnerfing the guidance and raising every atgm past 8.0


i said this somewhere else already but where does gaijin plan on putting this giant box without armor. Below 8.0 and we are back to pre rebalance with guided missiles fighting tiger 2s and t34s.
At 8.0 and this sits at the same br as the way better armored strv 103 or the manual guided raketenjagdpanzer that doesnt have to expose itself.
At 8.3 and this thing fires a worse projecticle than the rak2 hot from a bigger platform with longer reload that has to expose itself


When will you all address the massive light tank gap France has above 8.7? Its been open for literal years and adding a worse version of the ACRA does nothing for French players

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France basically need Sagaie, Jaguar, and VBCI variants

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