Developers Come

I’m bringing this up today because it’s gotten to the point where it’s unbearable for me. Can any developer explain why these modification researches were added to the game? I don’t think so, but we already know that you don’t care about the players. A lot of things in the game are buggy and terrible, I ignore them and I don’t expect you to fix them because all you care about is adding new premium vehicles. There are 10 nations in the game and hundreds of vehicles, let alone the time to research them, if you don’t invest money and buy premium and premium vehicles, it is almost impossible, at least I can’t even imagine players without premiums at this point, even if I have a good game even though I have premium and premium vehicles, I get a maximum of 12-14k exp. Let’s ignore these, we opened the vehicles, but again it is not enough, this time we are researching the modifications of the vehicles in an absurd way, for example, today I opened the leopard2a6 vehicle.
Because I have to play with heat in a ridiculous way, if I’m lucky, I can only kill a few lightly armored vehicles. So my only goal in the game is to die, in a way, because there are no parts, no fpe, nothing, and I would like to remind you that there are hundreds of vehicles in the game. We are already suffering to open the vehicles, at least remove this shitty modification system or let them all come open.