[DEV] The camouflage of the Hungarian MiG-29B is incorrect

The camouflage of the newly added Mig-29 is incorrect, it possesses anti-glare paint on the nose witch the repainted Hungarian Fulcrums never used.
The only time this kind of paint was used was while Hungary was still using the old green and gray soviet camouflage, after they repainted their MiG’s to match the Gripen’s white and gray scheme they did not add anti-glare paint to the nose. The repaint seem to have taken place in the early 2000s.
This is the same MiG-29 that the base skin is based on :MiG-29 Fulcrum-A "21" | Hungarian International Air Show & M… | Flickr
As seen it does not have black antiglare paint on it’s nose.

How to replicate issue:
-Open game
-Select italy as nation
-Inspect Hungarian Mig-29



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😬 thats a thread ending reply lol

Idk, maybe it was repainted later, the colour of digits is different for example.

that is the old soviet green and grey camoflague, the migs were repainted in the early 20090’s to match the scheme of the gripen
the one we have in the dev server is the repainted version…
please look at the image you sent and compare the markings and colours to the in game one
thank you.
example of soviet scheme:

example of repainted scheme:

do you see a diffrence?

it’s not because it is not the same camoflague
this is the
soviet patern, you can see it’s a bicolour of green and gray meanwhile in game we have a white nose with a white belly and gray everything else.