Dev Server Opening with Major Update “Seek & Destroy”! — Dev Server is now closed

How the hell has the server been up for over an hour now and there’s still log in issues?
Don’t believe this has happened the last 2 years

I think the snail was “a-salted”

is it still down ?

Would be nice if the dev server actually worked, which it isn’t

I just got in

Just mate it in

does anyone else have the issue where ur mouse doesn’t work in dev server? like it doesn’t click or anything, but i can still move it around

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neat the AV-8B+ lacks 2 aditional 120s and the ADF is missing its 120s

BUT why you make the ONLY danish tank in the game a premium, this is very upsetting.
Also currently on the test server it has a TON of flaws(as you kinda stated).

Things it should have in game since it has it in real life.
Slat armor package, + composite armor package.

  • Laser warning system/receiver , gen 3 commander and gunner thermals, + APFSDS (NOT just APDS).
  • Special smoke system. Commander/gunner gun-takeover (its a 2007 tank btw so relatively new).
  • Spall liners. + larger engine/faster speed than it currently have, since its the unrestricted CV90 Engine(while the 9040´s are restricted).

Currently, its bugs are manny, but it lacks nearly all the features i mentioned(several sources from Official Danish army pages btw),+ its gunsigth is off center(bugged), and needs fixing, + its speed is off by quite a bit. module design/armor design is also way off. (last part you already did mention i gues tho).

Also i still dont get why this one has to be a premium, its the ONLY DK tank in the game so far, its a punch to the face really.

@Stona_WT any clarification if the Mirage 4000 is getting access to 4 MICAs? it literally has the pylons in its documentation for it (even if its a prototype)

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how do you install the dev server on Mac?

Anyone else’s Dev not letting anyone click on anything

@Stona_WT how do you get the dev server on mac

Is there a reason why when I logged into dev I’m level 4 with nothing but reserves and the packs/premiums I have?

Not everything needs to have fox 3s or everything would be 13.0 there would be 0 point in grinding if everything came with fox 3s

saying only as if they wont add more danish vehicles in the future

you might be on a wrong account

@Stona_WT @Smin1080p It seems AP penetration in naval got drastical change. Both in Dev server and Live server. Can you guys notice this on forum or website? Neither of those seems to talk about this. And also, could I beg you guys for calculator for this new naval penetration formula?

Like this. We naval never has anything like this. Navla de-Marre at start different from ground de_Marre and you guys never showed calculator about it. And now with entirely new formula we really need calculator for it.

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Please fix helicopter target trackers, they’ve been broken for many months. I want to be able to hit moving targets again with Hellfires. It doesn’t occur in Test Drive, but occurs in all other modes that allow helicopters.

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