Dev Server GFRB

The best part of the dev server is that you get to play modern tanks on the large Tunisia in at most 4v4, you can actually manœuver without running into someone at every rock.
It’s nice that the game is less chaotic, but you end up moving around instead of sitting at a corner trying to bait a shot, you also have the bots driving around if you get bored.
Overall the gameplay feels slower paced, but tenser because you can’t rely on a teammate rushing blindly to know if you are safe, it requires you to actually think about where the ennemies are, and wether or not you are exposed.

It really highlights how bad it is to have 32 players on a 1x1km, for modern tanks 8 for 3x3 feels like a much better density to me.

Feels good to play tanks and have fun for once.


exactly, for such an andvanced simulation of physics and engines, shells, armor etc the game modes are such trash. wasted potential

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i have to agree wholeheartedly.
keep the 16v16 to arcade


I wouldnt like 4v4 simply because i dont want to spend like 10-15min to get maybe 2 kills.

8v8 would be nice for the current map sizes and maybe 12v12 if we get some larger maps

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I agree so much. Even in midtier if you play early in the morning you sometimes get 12v12 matches. They are so much more relaxing because you can move better but have to be still aware.

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