Desync issue really real bad? Or?

I play this game and have AML90 hidden
IS6 drive up not looking
I shoot him and my HEATFS shele explodes in the air for some reason (?)
The player does not see me (I am 10 feet from him)
I shoot him again and he dies.

Then another IS8 comes around corner and I shoot his barrel, but the bullet goes somewhere else and does nothing.
But this IS6 does a poor shot and missed me. Then I shoot his mantlet and I kill his breech, and two people in the tank.

2 seconds later I explode and this Is6 is awarded the kill.
There was 12 secdond gone by between his shot and when I explode. He had not shot again. COuld only be from the first shot which showed a miss in replay.

Can DESYNC be THAT bad???

I have not experienced something that bad so far. Do you still have the replay? Would be interesting to see.

I try to download but download thingy just does circles like it is hung up
war thunder browser alwaysfreezes and hangs up for me
it makes my fans blow super hard when accessing their browser