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Hello, this is one suggestion of an idea I got recently. Now we either have dedicated winter maps or winter versions of others, most of these maps then have water or rivers that are frozen over and mostly have an even layer of ice over them, with the exception of some of the rivers/further out onto larger seas like the nordic map, I would then suggest something that could make the gameplay feel and look a bit more realistic, I suggest making the ice destructible!

This should work in such a way that if you drive onto the ice, it will depend on where on the ice you are driving, and on the weight of the vehicle you have where and when you have a risk of falling through the ice. Places such as with river inlets or river outlets. If you drive a light tank, the probability should be small and if you drive a larger, heavier tank, the probability must be greater, when using heavy tanks/super heavy tanks or others with similar weights, it should probably be done so that these individual places would fall in through when you drive out onto the ice

In addition to the possibility of falling through the ice, the ice should take damage from other vehicles such as planes, bombs and bullets/projectiles. So if you see a tank daring to cross the ice on a map such as “Fields of Poland”, you will be able to shoot at the ice, and either directly punch a hole or weaken it severely enough that the person in question will fall through the ice if the caliber is large or powerful enough. When using a smaller calibre, much more shots should be required, and even lower ones such as machine guns will not do any damage other than leaving marks in the ice. projectiles should also ricochet off the ice easily

smaller bombs will probably not have enough energy to hit through the ice if you use fuze delay, I don’t know much about this, but then it should have the ability to actually penetrate enough for it to stick or bounce away some distance , larger bombs will certainly have enough power to go all the way through the ice, it will destroy quite a bit then too

-The image shows an Norwegian CV9030N Mk.1 that has fallen trough ice at “Herjangsfjellet” during the Cold Response exercise in 2006

If you have an idea to make this better feel free to discuss, then it can change a little


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So basically the same thing as the bridge in Tunisia at the A point. I would like to see that.


Depending on the cold->Most Ice in cold-centric places is often strong enough to handle a ton of weight. However, I suppose if you strafe it, with rockets, bombs, misfired missiles, tank rounds of different calibers, or especially HE it would start cracking and limiting what weight could go onto it. If it gets bad enough, only Amphibious vehicles could travel it.

So I’m all hands for it so long the ice is randomly generated fragments. Since ice should never look the same. However, it should heavily impact how some maps play.


Yes +1. Give another use to flamethrowers


Wouldn’t work. Billy. You’d run out before the flames have an effect. That and because flames currently in the game don’t do anything compared to irl where it was devastating to tanks, armored tracked, and wheeled vehicles. But also structures something that only ever was seen once but never again. Due to how Gaijin was trying to implement them.


Yeah, but it would make them even more slippy.

I mean, they could also change that

I’d be down to see them do more damage to more things

I’d really love this. But I know they aren’t coming back. I remember seeing them in trailers from before I was playing though.

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They could change it≠they will change it. You’re expecting too much from a snail that gives little in return.

Lol it’s called naive optimism. I still have hope for the snail, even though I’ve played this game long enough to know they won’t normally give back

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I lost most hope when it came to this. But then I have a realist approach if it happens nicely. If it doesn’t shrug.

I would like to see this come back

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Damn, I gave it to it by accident but I’m on it so much, you can imagine various bridges or crossings on maps, where only a vehicle up to a given weight can pass, it would change tactics so much

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Ohh you are talking about Ground Battle!!

When I saw this post, my first impression was about Naval battle, I thought we are talking about using icebreakers navigating among arctic iceburgs… I was thinking that would be interesting, there would be a region where light torpedo boats would be stranded on ice, but bigger ships would break the ice and continue to move.

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you mean the anti tank emplacements? One of many cool ideas they barely if ever brought back for events.

Would also like to see ice on maps like Frozen Pass be slippery : D

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