Destroying barrels too easy

Hello everyone,
I think destroying barrels too easy. Not worth to have a jagdtiger because every one can just shoot to your barrel, destroy it and then coming for you. Against a jagdtiger you should shit your pants, not just shoot the gun. I think too easy in this game to destroy barrel, in real it was almost impossible to shoot at it, because gunners could not take it out so easily. I think barrels should be harder to destroy


OMG no. There are players who shoot only at barrels because they are too lazy to remember weakspots and oneshot tanks. Can you imagine the outcry here?


I don’t know about that. One of the only ways to take out an angled tiger with a gun that is not super powerful is to shoot the barrel and then flank and side shoot it


I’ll agree that shooting barrels is a bit of a one dimensional answer to any tank you come up against, but it shouldn’t nessesarily be harder. Too many tanks require it as the one option you have if they’re playing competently. Removing the single counter to these vehicles just hands a massive buff to a lot of tanks that just got a large buff in terms of compression.

I’d propose a compromise. Barreling shouldn’t be harder, but it should be less effective. Firstly, I’d delink the breach and the barrel, meaning a destroyed barrel wouldn’t stop you from firing or reloading. Then I’d reduce the penalty in accuracy for firing from a destroyed barrel from crippling to simply major. Enough to render the tank incapable of long range shooting or hitting weakspots with any reliability, but not enough to prevent them from hitting a tank at close range.

What this means is barreling would cease to be a tactic that guarantees you a kill at close range regardless of what the two tanks are. If his gun is strong enough to lolpen you anywhere, you cannot just freely push him. But tank with decent armor (IE the Jumbo, which currently utterly relies on this tactic) could still do it with some consistency. If a tank is locking down a long range sightline, an accurate hit on the barrel would still enable you to move through his field of fire with some safety. And there would still be options at close range, even if his gun remains a threat. You could bait a shot around a corner, banking on the round being too inaccurate to hit a small portion of your tank. You could capitalize on him needing to be immobile to repair, and smoke the entrance to rush him.

Basically, it gives both players more options. And I believe that’s preferable to the current system.


Much better than it used to be, there was a growing push to rename ground battles Breach Repair Simulator. Hitting a haystack on some maps would break the breach. Get hit in the track with a .50 cal and bam the breach was out.

It really was that silly, you spent as much or time repairing the breach in a game as actually playing it.

Now with the current round of quite nerfs and armour value adjustments in the mid BR’s , barrel shot is the only chance a lot have.


Fair but for example playing top tier is basically gun/breech meta. If i’d have a dollar for everytime my breech/barrel get’s knocked out at top tier i would be a billionaire by now.


True, but in a lot of tanks you can get penetrated anywhere, so you just die because your lower plate is thin instead of getting shot in the barrel.

Yes… unless you hide your weakhull to avoid showing off your weakspot. Only to get your gun destroyed on 7,3km because LRF and railgun shells on tiny maps.

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Ga*jin did change the HP of the barrels, didn´t they?
1 shot is not enough anymore.
It`s hilarious if you hit a barrel with a 122mm projectile and it only yellows the enemy´s barrel and still can shoot back.

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Completely agree. could be a very good idea dude!

Barrels with muzzle brakes are massively disadvantaged, even hitting a tiny bit on the side destroys the entire barrel, it’s a big problem for mid tier Germany with giant barrels + muzzle brakes versing tiny barrel Shermans.

In what world would the barrel be destroyed because you chipped it?


Maybe if “Gunner’s Sight” option was mandatory in Ground RB, shooting the barrel would be more difficult.


The truth is that it is tiring that they break your barrel at the smallest shot that hits close, in a game my IS-4M broke the barrel four times in a row and while moving.


thqt is exactly the point. even with my obj 268 they just shoot near and they broke up my barrel 2 times in a row. honestily too much for a very strong tank. Gaijin must change something in my opinion. The game is just to shoot barrels now.

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How are you people crying about people legitimately playing the game and disabling your gun??

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Bruh……no way. I’m only here to troll in my wiesel.

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Lol, no

I read that 5 times and I still dont know what you are trying to say…


He basically says that its a legit tactic in playing the game and asks why people are upset about it. Problem is that the HP of the modules are set so low that often times even non-penetrating hits disable the gun or breach and in turn give certain nations massive advantages/disadvantages over other nations especially due to the stupid CQC maps. It basically rewards bad play, too often I´ve seen someone disable my gun then my tracks etc. just to either get destroyed by a teammate or stil failing to kill me only for me to repair and blast him away. It certainly is also even more annoying when you cant give priority to which part is first repaired. Did I also mention that this bogus also happens in Naval where PT-boats can disable the destroyers main guns with small caliber fire? Only difference the destroyer can use his auxiliary guns in a tank you just wait for your agonizing death by someone having a really bad case of skill issue.


If the tactic of “just shoot the gun” was this effective IRL we would see all MBTs armed with 30mm full auto canons.