Desertion is a must needed part of this game!

I now realise that Desertion is a must have part of this game now! There should be no penalty as sometimes the teams are just absolute crap and all dead before the game has even started! So yeah just gotta leave the battle as it’s not worth hanging around to get slaughtered!
I use to be a hater of this but now I’m not bothered because the varying levels of randomness in matchmaking and team making is a snail issue and only the snail can fix it!

It’s not much of a penalty.
Just play another country while the timer runs.


Desertion in an army context is a punishable offence. So it would indeed incur punitive action.

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  2. instead of arguing for ODL or the like… why not suggest a team vote that basically decides whether to surrender the battle. if 70% of the team agrees that the battle is lost and they want to surrender and click the surrender button, the battle ends and no penalty is incurred.
    otherwise individual actions are not condoned
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This is a game it’s not a real war

Ahh… Video game that doesn’t require punitive punishment c’mon man if you want real life situations then join the army/marines/airforce/navy but don’t pretend this game is your recruitment! Lol

Were you there a decade ago when crew lock was not implemented yet?

It was so bad in a lot of cases that one could not get a decent match without 90% of the team disappearing just because they didn’t like the map…


I was in the army, didn’t much care for it.

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Yep. Hardcore punishments for desertion, 1H crew lock , and nullifies xp on vehicle what is in research. If all is researched, then it should randomly “delete” one of top tier tanks /jets and deserter has to grind that again. Unfortunately this will not happen, even for longer crew lock.

Sounds like how the game currently is at higher tiers.
Crew lock shouldn’t happen if you spawn twice or more. In my opinion. If I die two or three times fast enough to still get crew locked, it’s normally because we’ve been completely blown off the map and the entire team left in the first 5 minutes.

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THIS^^ is actually an issue on online gaming…if it is too easy to leave a battle, MANY players will leave for “futile” reasons…or simply leave until they get the scenario they want.
Matchmaking won’t work if it is too easy too leave match on match start…and even midgame leaving will affect balance…

IMHO…penalty should be harsher in WT.
(That said…i do agree some ECONOMY reasons will make players not want to continue in a game that is apparently lost…those are the ones i actually understand…but only when the “price” is high)

You know what’s happening now, very often in the past week or two? The game keeps crashing, randomly, during battle at any time. And after I restart the game and it gets to my hangar, the whole lineup is red and locked out with timer.

Like it’s Gaijins fault the game is crashing but yet we’re being punished with nation lock for “leaving battle”. Ironic.

So would a map so bad that 90% of players leave be the area of concern as opposed to the people leaving? Can I ask what has been done since then as we still have so many hated maps ,we have crew lock and still people leave maps early.

I threw two lives at a game today and could not do my battle pass aims so I left the game. The game then gave me Crew lock so I turned war Thunder off.I have not been back today and went to do other things.

Thats all Crew lock does is make people switch off so how is that good for the game and the company ? You talk of maps so bad 90% of people leave at the same time WT introduce another terrible map.
Might there be a link there?

This is not a school where players who are mostly adults need to be dictated to by a game that many of them pay to play.
Worse for Gaijin is than players not staying for the map is players not staying for the game and Crew lock has made me leave the game entirely for a day, a week or a month before now. How is that a money maker?

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What exactly do you mean by “high”?

And what’s the point of punishing players who leave mid-way in a lost battle?
Their leaving probably speeds up the finish, which is beneficial to all.

To avoid punishment, they could easily let it ride after a death, go grab a drink while the battle plays out. I actually do that when my team refuses to play the mode (CAP) and just camps all battle long looking for selfish kills. I’m not wasting extra tanks on players like that.

To sum it up - trying to punish people for leaving a battle they do not want to be in is like trying to force people to vote. It just doesn’t work.


Odd thing is that the game will happily eject players from the game after they have run out for SP in what can be a shorter time than it took them to ODL.

Dying twice in rapid succession is easy in this game and even easier for a novice yet the game will happily throw you out after two lives lost in a very short time yet it punishes you for making the decision to leave yourself.

We still get crew lock for bailing early after using two lives.
Just another reason to be angry at War Thunder and all these small reasons add up.

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Um that’s still happening. Maybe not 90% but it’s still happening. Honestly I’m tired of playing high tier vehicles on these butchered maps so I’ll quit out before the battle and play a different nation until crew lock has expired. If I get a good map then I stay all the way through a battle but with how these maps have been manipulated it doesn’t make me want to bother playing.

Give us the option to select between large and small maps or both.

At higher tiers, the SL cost of repairing vehicles becomes something to think about…in low/middle tiers it is not really relevant…

“Lost” is a too wide term. I was several of times in battles that turned…if players “stand and fight”, odds of winning increase…if too easy to leave, then the team that is losing the initial will lose more players…this will actually make the game worse.
Of course, many losing battles you do lose…

It does work…not for those who really want to quit…no chance, and those will quit no matter what…but LOTS of players will stand and fight with a reason for it…even if it is a “crew lock”…and will make the game more interesting.

If you only play “the map you want”, “when BR is right”, “when team looks good”…then you get a lot more people bailing out…and matchmaking and balance becomes much harder…

I actually agree players should be able to “select” more…so they get a match they like…HOWEVER it is common sense that they must also play matches that they dont “really like” for the game to work…not everybody likes the same…

For this BP capture and hold challenge I wanted to do it in air AB, so I needed domination maps, must have taken me over 100 games, I didn’t even spawn into games that were not domination, conversely if I have a task to bomb bases and I get maps without bases, I’ll quit as well quite often.

matchmaker already sucks - I get uptiered 90% of the time and majority of that time it’s a full BR.

How many players leave because of the map? I have never done that. Actually never left a battle entirely.

But if I see my team not even bothering to try and cap I will use the one tank I started with and ride with that. if it gets destroyed - no more tanks.

Now Air Arcade battles… different story. They have different modes that make for substantially diff gameplay. I prefer bombers so -when I got placed in Air Dom I exited - my best planes are wasted in those modes. Gaijin should provide a filter for that - much different situation compared to ground battles where the mode is always the same.