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Question about AP bombs [Bug]

Is me stupid or is it “it just works”?

I’m not exactly sure what the bug you’re talking about is.

Also, for reporting bugs, please use this website.


Can you clarify what you are asking? What specifically is not correct?

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If you are referring to the max pen from the HE, compared to the actual pen listed at the ranges, I think if you read into it that if that bomb, landed on something at that distance, it will pen that much THEN explode.

That’s what those AP bombs were for.

The PC 1600 could be horizontally suspended in a bomb bay and when construction was terminated in 1942 there were no replacements. It is claimed that it could penetrate 180 mm (7 in) of armor or 2.5 m (8 ft 2 in) of reinforced concrete at a 60° angle when dropped from an altitude of 4,000–6,000 m (13,000–20,000 ft).

It’s the same with the naval bombs of Japan that were designed to penetrate the ship deck, and end up exploding inside.

Well, I get the most pen at the most distance.

That’s how gravity works my man XD


F = G * ((m1m2) / r2)

Welcome to gravity.

Lmao, that looks hard 😭

It’s a damn easy formula.

What goes where?

Maybe I was not accurate enough. Most penetration should be closer to the explosion. Not further away.

Oh that’s the distance it’s been dropped. Not the armor pen effect

Wait. Ammo types have the same, but the other way around. Angle, distance and some maths, penetration. Further away, less penetration. What is shown here? That you loose~200mm pen at 5km?

Yes. For cannon ammo for tanks, they loose pen over time and distance. AP bombs gain pen because they drop farther, and gravity has more time to propel them into the ground, so the more pen it will have. And it’s not talking about how much it can pen with the explosion, how much it’s capped penetrator can pen, like into the deck of a ship, sense that’s what they were mainly used for.

Conclusion/how to understand it-
The farther away you drop a bomb on to a target (let’s say a ship deck) the more pen it will gain because of gravity. Gravity has more time/distance to affect the bomb and “give” it more pen. It’s not going to pen more armor with the explosives inside, it can just go through more deck armor. If it’s the deck is angled, then the bomb will go through less of the deck armor. Basically, the higher you are when you drop the bomb, the more pen the bomb itself will have, not the explosives.

No, further away more penetration

The secondary loadout menu that tells you the penetration rates over distance. Like I said and @war_Tinder said, the more distance the more pen the bomb has.

No, that means that you have 200mm pen at 5km. Also, it’s meters, not Kilometers

If you are still confused ask any questions and I’ll try to answer them :)

Sooo. The show the casings pre-explosion penetration. Its momentum kinetic energy. Not of its shrapnel.

And to wiseaß: Metric prefix - Wikipedia
5000 m = 5 km

Yes. The kinetic energy preparation, before the explosion

Yeah, I’m slow, I realized after, but didn’t feel like changing it