Demage of components by ground vehicle

If i play with groundvehicle and i get a hit for examble the chain is broken, my vehicle is repairing automatic (if not move) the chain. It need some time for repairing. If i move for example the last second (pressed the key random or need to move fast cover), the countdown running again of the start point and i need to wait again same time. I think it’s unrealistic. It would be better if 1/4% rest time running and not 100% again start. Why not repairing only the one second (i was break up the last second)? The crew need Jump down and get back to vehicle, that u can’t do in one second.

It’s the same if u repair for example canon. You drive in cover position and start repairing. Maybe u got over 50% ready, but a bomber coming and you break up the repairing to switch of bombs if possible. If u have luck and nothing happen, you start repairing again from start… . So you loosing much time again. There would be better the repairing start again from 50% (tank canon was 50% repairing after break up - it can’t be get demage back after half reapairing.

I think that could help much players too. I drive much heavy tanks, so i have to wait very long time by demage tank for repairing.

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A procedural repair is urgently needed. Instead of the module(s) going from 0 HP throughout the repair, and magically get to 100% when it is finished, it should be a system, that repairs X% HP every second.
So if you stop repairing for some reason, you don’t have to start again from 0.

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